1st SS LAH in the Battle of the Bulge

German weapons, vehicles and equipment 1919-1945.

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1st SS LAH in the Battle of the Bulge

Post by padawan6175 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:54 am

Hey all,
I'm planning some miniature hobby work and I'd like to recreate my units based off of a combination of Kamfgruppe Peiper and the rest of the 1./ SS in the Ardennes. I have a list of all equipment available to Kamfgruppe Peiper (which of course includes some listings of 1./ SS units), and I've been able to find information on Sdfkz 234/2s in the Ardennes thanks to this forum, but I have a few questions left.

First off: I know at least part of the Luftwaffe 84th Flak Battalion was attached to KG Peiper. Was this all of their equipment?

Second: what sort of mobile/armored (either or) anti-aircraft (if any) did the 1st SS Flak Battalion operate? I know KG Peiper included a mix of Ostwinds, Wirbelwinds, and Mobelwagons, but what about the main part of the 1st SS Flak Battalion?

Third: were 8.8cm Flak guns (Flak 36, Flak 37, Flak 41) used at all in the Battle of the Bulge? And if so, by whom?

Hopefully y'all can give me some help. In the meantime I'll keep researching.


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