Technische Nothilfe: help needed!

German auxiliary organizations 1919-1945.
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Technische Nothilfe: help needed!

Post by HPT » Tue Oct 15, 2002 7:14 pm

I have been working on my notes on the TN (neither "TeNo" nor "Teno" were official abbreviations during the Third Reich and their use was frowned upon!) and would appreciate help on a few issues.

Contemporary German lists of the Landesgruppen contradict one another insofar as LG XV was concerned: one 1938 source suggests that the number was not used, yet another attributes it to LG Bayern (Bavaria).

When the Landesgruppen were renumbered to tie in with the Wehrkreise, XV was not used as there was no Wehrkreis XV.

Yet "XV" was shown on the collar patch on just about all TN uniform charts I have seen! How can this be? It suggests that XV was used, at least prior to the re-numbering (and when was that, exactly?)

Where was the HQ (Sitz) of TN.-Befehlsstelle Oberschlesien? My bet is Kattowitz. How many Befehlsstellen were there?

More generally, what was the organisation of the TN in The Netherlands (Nederlandse Technische Noodhulp)?

And in which countries outside Germany was a local TN set up, using local manpower? I've found references to TN organisations in Latvia and Estonia. But what about other countries, such as Belgium, Denmark and France?

And what did the TN do in the Warsaw Ghetto under Stroop (April-May 1943)?

I know that's a lot to ask, but I live in hope!


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Post by Christoph Awender » Thu Oct 17, 2002 5:02 am


Not much I have for you.

Reichsamt Technische Nothilfe: Berlin-Steglitz, Birkbuschstrasse 18, Tel.Nr.: 79 11 01
Chef Techn.Nothilfe: SS-Gruppenführer u.Gen.Maj.d.Polizei Hans Weinreich.

1942 the TN was organized in 16 Landesgruppen, Bezirksgruppen and 1500 Orstgruppen.

Ostpreußen - Königsberg
Nord - Stettin
Mark Brandenburg - Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
Oberelbe - Dresden
Südwest - Stuttgart
Westfalen-Niederrhein - Köln
Bayern-Süd - München
Schlesien - Breslau
Hessen-Thüringen - Kassel
Nordwest - Hamburg
Mitte - Hannover
Westmark - Frankfurt a.M.
Nordbayern-Egerland - Nürnberg
Ostmark-Nord - Wien
Ostmark-Süd - Salzburg


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Re: Technische Nothilfe: help needed!

Post by Edwin Meinsma » Thu Oct 17, 2002 10:38 am

HPT wrote:More generally, what was the organisation of the TN in The Netherlands (Nederlandse Technische Noodhulp)?

Some info about the Technische Noodhulp in the Netherlands.

"Einsatz Abteilung Niederlande"

Established: 22-07-1941, The Hague
Staff bureau: Klatteweg 1, The Hague

The TN in the Netherlands was subordinated to the Reichsamt of the TN in Berlin.

Commander(s): Major Dr. Fr. Beck Hauptbereitschaftsführer

Uniform: white with a TN emblem, officers : darkblue, white collar
from 1943 feldgrau, black collar, stahlhelm and belt. On the left sleeve an white TN emblem.

Armament: Russian rifles and French MG's.

Numbers: in 1942 about 50 local groups were reported, in total 4.500 men.

Combat history: July 1944 2 companies left for Czechoslovakia. Here they were armed with K98, MG34 and equipped with 14 trucks. September 1944 by train to Danzig then by boat to Riga. In Latvia the TN fought against partizans near Libau and dug the 'Kriemhildestellungen'. After this the TN was send to the frontlines in the Kurland.

(Source: Vincx and Schotanius, Nederlandse vrijwilligers in Europese krijgsdienst 1940-1945.)

Edwin Meinsma

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Technische Nothilfe: Help! = 4 Books Recommended

Post by dblmed1 » Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:29 am

Since the time of your Posting, 4 books with a Dedicated TeNo • TN • Technische Nothilfe Chapter (or Basis), have been published. Information about this very important, but previously overlooked organization, is finally coming forward from a number of Scholars, Historians and Historical Writers.

(1) Andreas Linhardt published "The Technische Nothilfe in der Weimar Republic" in 2005/2006, and it takes us from 1918-1933, with a nice mini-chapter on the TR. Only problem (for me) is that it is in German, but I purchased it anyway, and I am slowly translating it. (Yes, it is that good!) I feel that there is no one who KNOWS more about the Technische Nothilfe in this 1919-1933 time frame that does Linhardt. (He is the source that the THW uses as its educational basis, for their own organizational history!) Enough said! :up:

(2) Phil Nix / Georges Jerome published "The Uniformed Police Forces of the Third Reich" in 2006, by a Swedish publisher. Excellent TeNo information, background and history, especially at the TeNo related to the Polizei. Also an excellent breakdown of the RATN and the various Landesgruppen, as well as their leaders, with subgrouping. Great reference. :up:

(3) Littlejohn's "Defending the Reich" - 2007- (Bender) has an excellent 70+ page chapter on the TeNo, which brought forth a great deal of completly new information, and clarification of Uniforms and Ranks, etc. (This book opened the door for a number of Collectors and Historians who has an interest in the TeNo, but who lacked vital information). It was also a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry big step up from the prior TeNo information source of 3 pages in Davis' "TR Insignia" and a few others :up:

(4) Angolia / Taylor's "Police, Volume 2" :up: (Bender) is due out in the 1st quarter of 2009, and has > 250 dedicated TeNo / TN pages (+ 2 TN Appendices, which ID's previously unknown OG's (Ortsgruppen) and the Order of Battle for TN units posted outside of the Reich.) This book is destined to become the "Standard" for both Collectors & Historians, by which "TeNo / Technische Nothilfe" books are measured, I honestly believe. It kind of starts from where Littlejohn left off (but expending upon all area), and then it just rockets us into the TeNo Stratosphere with superb writing & outstanding TN examples (many of which have never previously been seen)! I have read a prepublication copy - and I found that the breadth of TN information is staggering! ALL information is documented and footnote referenced for accuracy. The TeNo bi-monthly magazine, "Die Räder", as well as the "DDP-Taschenbuch für die TN", both the 1942 and 1945 editions are referred to frequently, as well as other TR period references regarding the TN. This quite outstanding book has:
  • Information & Photos regarding the previously 'unidentified' 1932 TN Embroidered Visor Oval, the 1932 Sleeve Patch; and uniform;
    Information & Photos about the then 'new' 1933 TN Armscheibe (Lt. Shoulder Patch with Hakenkruz); 1st Metal Visor Logo and TN White Armband;
    Information & Photos regarding the 1935 TN 2nd metal Visor assemblage, and TN lt. sleeve Eagle Diamond patch;
    Information & Photos regarding the various TN Side Caps and Visors, throughout the time frame;
    Information & Photos (and TR period color charts) of the 1936 Rank changes - the 1940 Rank changes - and the exceptional 1942/43 Rank changes - ALL with examples;
    A previously unknown letter from Chef der TN and SS Gruppenführer W. Schmelcher confirming his 1943 date of taking command of the TN;
    Information about & Photos of the NOT previously seen Gold Landesführer Dress Belt Buckle;
    Information about & Photos of the NOT previously seen TN Vehicle Flag Finial (topper);
    Information about & Photos of the NOT previously seen White TN Tunic - actually 2 models; and a TN Mantle coat;
    Information about & Photos of 3 models of TN Drillich - Blue, White and Red-Green;
    Information about & Photos NOT previously seen materials regarding the TN in Holland and Norway;
    Information about & Photos NOT previously of the TN in service with the Heer, Luftwaffe and a Kriegsmarine reference;
    Information & Photos of ALL of the TN Zivil and Membership pins, including the NOT previously seen Gold Honor Pin mit Kranz (in fine enamel);
    Information & Photos regarding ALL of the 5 years of the TN Honor Badge (Ehrenzeichen der TN) (1919-1923, along with the award Urkunde for Landesführer Walther Junecke, 1920 HB #201;
    And......more and more 'rare' TN Photos and Examples..... so much more, that it makes my head spin!
"IF" you have an interest in filling the prior void of TeNo / TN knowledge - then this is the book for your Reference Shelf, but you won't be able to put it down, :[] once you start reading it, IMO. ....... Txs, Dave/dblmed1

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Technische Nothilfe is in POLICE, Vol 2 • SUPER

Post by dblmed1 » Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:07 am

I recently received a copy of Bender's "German Police, Vol. 2" Taylor/Angolia, and it is indeed SUPER, not
only for the Polizei Main branches, but especially for the coverage of the TN • Technische Nothilfe.

There really are > 200 Pages on the Technische Nothilfe, and 95% of it is NEW information to me!
Plus, there are 2 Appendices devoted to TN Ortsgruppe City Locations (a 1st of its kind) and then an
Order of Battle for the TN Outside of the Reich.

Hat's off to HPT / Hugh Page Taylor for the unbelievable amount of, and quality of, writing and provided
period documentation!!! Well done, to say the least!

It did turn out to be an "I can't put it down" :[] wonderful Collectors and Historian's book! We need MORE
books like this one! Txs, ... Dave/dblmed1

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Re: Technische Nothilfe: help needed!

Post by Alex Dekker » Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:03 am

Thanks for the tips, guys. As soon as I got some time for it, I will check the archives of NIOD, AMsterdam, for Technische Noodhulp. SO I can work on the subject.
Always in need for info about: Dutchmen in the NSKK, HJ and TeNo.

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