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DDP Announces the TN Dagger & Hauer - 2

Post by dblmed1 » Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:13 am

Die Deutsche Polizei Magazine Announces the TN Dagger & Hauer - January, 1939 Issue - 2

Translation, is courtesy of ERNST-H at http://www.germanpolice.org .....:
Many Thanks to Ernst....
Here is somewhat of a translation of the TeNo dagger article:
"Technische Nothilfe wears sidearm (dagger. Members of the TN are, as the minister for internal affairs details in an order, given the honor of wearing a sidearm (leaders dagger or EM dagger (Hauer / Hewer) with their service dress under the following conditions: The sidearm is a part of the service dress of TN-leaders and emergency-helpers. Emergency-helpers in training (note: so not yet full member) do not wear the sidearm. The sidearm may only be worn when the TN-leader or emergency-helper is wearing full and complete service dress.

The leaders sidearm is worn by all TN-Leaders from the rank of Kameradschaftsführer and up. The dagger (Hauer) is worn by all other leaders ranks and TN-helpers. The Landesführer and Ortsführer are urged to instruct their subordinate leaders and emergency helpers about the wearing of the sidearm to prevent them from making mistakes and presenting an un-soldierly appearance.."

Note: Of both Historical & Collector interest -
1. The TN Hauer/Hewer was NOT only an EM 'Dagger!'- as is noted in the TR Period Announcement / Regulation.

2. Note the 'Cog Wheels' in the Drawing, on the Hanger. Collectors will appreciate that the "Final" model of the Hanger had a Metal Band under the Cog Wheels - NOT leaving them exposed, as is shown in the Period Drawing.
Die Deutsche Polizei Magazine Announces the TN Dagger & Hauer - January, 1939 Issue - 2
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