German SS and Waffen-SS 1923-1945.
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According to this link the so-called SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Klotz", previously an instruction unit configured in the SS-Panzergrenadier Schule "Kienschlag", said regiment was sent to the Pomeranian sector to cover casualties that had occurred mainly in the Nederland during the combats in the Kurland Peninsula. The unit arrived in Stettin in the first days of February, practically annihilated, with only about 2,000 men. One of its regiments the 48 SS-Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Regiment "General Seyffardt" was in the area of ​​Hammerstein, after having been re-equipped at the end of 1944. This regiment was complete, and had been instructed to take action immediately. Now, in the vicinity of the Soviet units, all the units of the Waffen-SS that were in the sector near Danzig had been activated. This also included the "General Seyffardt" regiment that was isolated from its core unit.

The reality was that the Nederland would have to re-equip its units in a hurry so that it could be sent back to the front, and in many cases by the procedure of recruiting volunteers at the doors of the cinemas. Therefore, the arrival of the SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Klotz" would be a breath of fresh air in the face of the high cost of combat personnel. The problem is that according to the following link, the new regiment was separated into two.

A battalion and some complementary regimental companies would be delivered to the Nederland, and another battalion plus supplementary companies would be made available to the Norland.


The 11th SS-Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division "Norland" had not arrived in better condition, about 3,000 fighters. However, his re-equipment in personnel and means of combat was produced with greater speed.

My question is the following.

Would like to know if the SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment Klotz, belonged entirely to the 23rd SS-Freiwilligen Panzergrenadier Division "Nederland", and whether initial separation on February 8, 1945 between the units of the III SS-Panzerkorps was definitive or only provisional. The question is raised based on a document I found on this Web page dated February 23, 1945 regarding the Dutch unity of the Waffen-SS.

The link to the page is the following: ... ect/zoom/4

Thanks you

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