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Ersatz und Ausbildungs Battalion 1 "LSSAH"

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:05 am
by Ebusitanus
I am currently looking into the general history of the LSSAH and while I have managed to gather quite an amount of information about the various comabt units, I am missing some details about the Ersatz-Bataillon left in Lichterfelde during the war.

I am looking to find out who the various Bataillon commanders and possibly Company commanders of this Replacement Battalion during the war starting august 1939.

From Lehmann I have: 24/8/139

Kdr: SS-Stubaf. Bertling
1st Company: SS-Ostuf. Nothdurft
2nd Company: SS-Ostuf. Schiller
3rd Company: SS-Ostuf. Scholz
4th (MG) Company: SS-Ostuf. Hempel
F├╝hrer des Nachkommandos: SS-Hstuf. Stoppel

Thanks in advance