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Kriegsdauer/not Kriegsdauer, Nordland

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:40 pm
by larsdenmark
In papers from SS-Standarte Nordland december 1940, listing the individuals in each company,
they are divided into "Freiwillige der Waffen-SS aus Dänemark, die sich für 2 Jahre und länger
verpflichtet haben"(, Muzikzug)
And "Freiwillige der Waffen-SS aus Dänemark, die sich für Kriegsdauer verpflichtet haben" listing only
8 names from 1. and 4. company.

Also a couple of names under "Zur Teilnahme an einem kurzfristigen Lehrgang hat sich verpflichtet"
"Nicht verpflichtet sind"
and someone who didnt enlist because of economical issues, illness

My question is:
Several of the Danes have later claimed that they signed for "Kriegsdauer".

Do they have bad memory, or were they later in the process "tempted" to sign for Kriegsdauer?

I know that the first enlistmentpapers from Frikorps Danmark had a choice between 4 years, 12, years and Kriegsdauer,
but on some of the later papers I have seen it only had the option Kriegsdauer.
Was there a change in the enlistment-routine at some point of time?

Your very truly


Re: Kriegsdauer/not Kriegsdauer, Nordland

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:22 pm
by Marc Rikmenspoel
Hi Lars,

I've heard of several cases of Europaische Freiwillige who signed up for various periods of time, only to have this automatically changed to "duration of the war" without their having any say in the matter. For example, the Norwegian Ustuf. Richard Boeresen told me that this happened to him, after he became an officer.

I would imagine (but could be wrong about it) that most cases were like this, men who had received special training or possessed a particular skill, were kept in service whether they liked it or not.