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Otto Rasch

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 12:39 am
by Bittrich
I was wondering if anyone has any information on Rasch. I know he commanded an Einsatzgruppen, I believe EK C, but other than that I have no other information. Thanks for any replies.

SS-Brif.u.Gen.Maj.d.Pol. Dr.Dr. Otto Rasch

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2003 9:22 pm
by Michael Miller / ABR
Here is what I currently have on Dr. Rasch.

Best wishes,
~ Mike Miller
Axis Biographical Research

Dr. jur. Dr. rer. pol.
Otto Rasch
und Generalmajor der Polizei

Born: 7. December 1891 in Friedrichsruh.
Died: 1. November 1948 in Nürnberg Prison.

NSDAP-Nr.: 620 976
(Joined 1. October 1931)
SS-Nr.: 107 100
(Joined 10. March 1933)

SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei: 14.
December 1940
SS-Hauptsturmführer: 30. April 1937
SS-Obersturmführer: 9. November 1936
SS-Untersturmführer: 1. July 1936

Imperial German Navy service inWorld War I. Studied law, political economy, and philosophy. Received doctorates in law and political economy, then practiced law in Leipzig.Joined NSDAP: 1. October 1931. Joined SS: 10. March 1933. Assigned to the SD-Hauptamt (later Reichssicherheitshauptamt): 1933 - May 1945. Ensatzkommando Prag: 1939. Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei und des Sicherheitsdienstes (IdS), Königsberg: (August 1939) -. Kommandeur, Einsatzgruppe C (Ukraine): June 1941 - October 1941. Director of Kontinentale Öl (Continental Oil) in Berlin, ca. 1942 - 1945.

Played a leading role in planning and execution of
the faked Polish attacks at Gleiwitz, Schlesien and
other points along the border, to provide a
justification for the invasion of Poland on 1.
September 1939.

Postwar Prosecution:
Scheduled for trial in the Einsatzgruppe Case at
Nuremberg, he fell ill with Parkinson's Disease and
was not sentenced.

Decorations & Awards:
1939 Spange zum 1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse ohne Schwerter
Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
SA-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
Ehrendegen des RF SS
Totenkopfring der SS
Ehrenwinkel für Altekämpfer

* Widowed in 1944.
* Foreign language proficiency: English, French, and

National Archives File Number:
A3343 SSO-007B (much more detailed information may be found in his SS file on microfilm at the National Archives II in College Park, Maryland)


Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2003 12:20 am
by Bittrich
Thanks for the information. It proved very usefull.

Re: Otto Rasch

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:07 pm
by Gaius
What were the circumstances surrounding Rasch's departure from the Einsatzgruppen and move to Kontinentale Öl?