Unternehmen Wunderland II 1943.

German Kriegsmarine 1935-1945.
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Unternehmen Wunderland II 1943.

Post by tigre » Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:55 pm

Hello to all :D; a small contribution ............................

Unternehmen Wunderland II.

During Operation Wunderland II (the planned attack of the heavy cruiser Lützow against the maritime traffic along the coasts of Siberia), the U 255 (Oblt.z.S. Harms), sailed from Narvik on 19 July 1943 at 06:05 hours, she went to Ramsund where took aboard some equipment and then proceeded to Tromsö where she embarked spare parts, supplies and fuel for a seaplane BV-138, sailing again on July 20, 1943 at 15; 30 hours. Later the submersible operated in Arctic waters and shores of Siberia. During the journey at 17:32 hours on July 27, 1943 she spotted the Soviet research vessel Akademik Shokalski (300 t). At 17:54 hours the U 255 opened fire with it gun and after two shots the ship did not stop the march, the third shot hit the stern causing a huge explosion that produced a plume of about 30 meters. The ship sank while being burning.

Later on August 01 she reached the area of Spory Navolok on the northeast coast of Novaya Zemlya, where she served resupply tasks of a BV-138 seaplane. Upon returning she went to Hammerfest on September 17, 1943 and on September 18, 1943 landed in Tromsö all the equipment carried on board. She was back in Narvik that very day at 14:00 hours.

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http://www.ebay.de/itm/Norwegen-U-Boot- ... 298wt_1362

Cheers. Raul M 8).
The U 255 in Tromsö, September 1943 - the flag belonged to the Akademik Sokalskij ..........................
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