Me-109 pilot strafed in his chute, 1944 ?

German Luftwaffe 1935-1945.
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Me-109 pilot strafed in his chute, 1944 ?

Post by RJH57 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 6:36 pm

In the 1990's a TV documentary series called "WINGS" included an account about the "brutality of war" by P-51 pilot Capt. Richard A. Peterson of the 357th Fighter Group, 8th AF (see attached video link). Capt. Richard A. Peterson claimed Me109-s on the following dates, all bomber escort missions in 1944:

Mar 18: - Augsburg area
Apr 11: - Magdeburg
Apr 24: - Munich area
May 28: - Magdeburg area
Jul 01: two Me-109s; - E of St. Quentin
Oct 07: - Jena

Is there anything in the Luftwaffe casualty reports on those dates about a pilot of a unit flying Me-109's being strafed and killed in his chute?

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Re: Me-109 pilot strafed in his chute, 1944 ?

Post by Lorenz » Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:45 am

You are best advised to go to the website given below as there are members there who have data bases of all Luftwaffe losses as reported in the Gen.Qu.(6.Abt.) Verlustmeldungen and the unit casualty reports. When German aircrew were strafed in their chutes of just after descending, it was almost always reported in the loss reports.


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