Luftwaffe vs Swiss air force?!

German Luftwaffe 1935-1945.
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Re: Luftwaffe vs Swiss air force?!

Post by Florin » Mon May 30, 2011 3:05 pm

TPMM wrote:...........
By the way: "Pozdrawiam" is used at the end, for the beginning You may use "witam".
Thank you for the occasion to learn something. I thought that was your first name.
* * *
By the way, I saw that Jerzy Dąbrowski, the designer of PZL 55 mentioned in your first link, also "travelled" through Romania and reached Great Britain. I was curious to see his biography, asking myself what was his life during the German occupation. Fortunately, there was no German occupation for him.
So your two links are a confirmation of the few words I wrote before, with the difference that the prototype PZL 50 was not actually shot down by the Polish AA, he just crash landed after the fuel ended.
There are no images in your web link about PZL 55 . But I typed "PZL 55" in Google Images. It looked "cool", considering it was 1939.

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