Erhard Peters

German Luftwaffe 1935-1945.
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Erhard Peters

Post by Andy_F » Wed Jan 03, 2007 6:57 am

Erhard Peters claimed 22+ Kills (between 22-26)

On the link above Erhard Peters is listed as Gr.Kdr. V./NJG 5 15Aug43-03May44.

However during this period Erhard Peters consistantly made claims but his unit is listed as 9./NJG 3

Is the data for Erhard Peters being Gr.Kdr. V./NJG 5 incorrect or are there two Erhard Peters serving as nightfighter pilots during this period?

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Post by Lorenz » Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:47 am

PETERS, Erhard. 01.06.43 Hptm., appt Kdr. I./NJG 3 (to 14.08.43). 04.01.44 Hptm., appt Staka 9./NJG 3 (to 20.02.44 KIA). 24.04.44 Hptm., posthumously awarded Ehrenpokal.

Lots of Peters (no jokes, please), but only one Erhard Peters.

According to Zweng, Christian, Die Dienststellen, Kommandobehörden und Truppenteile der Luftwaffe 1935-1945, Band 1: Nr. 1-10 (Osnabrück, 1999), p.186, a Maj. Helmut PETERS was appointed Kdr. of I./NJG 3 on 19.07.1943 and held the position until 04.10.1943.

According to the O.Qu.(6.Abt.) Genst.d.Lw. loss reports via Michael Balss, Hptm. Erhard Peters was shot-up in his Bf 110 G-4 (D5+MT) and crashed near Brandenburg-Briest during the night of 19/20.02.1944 and reported KIA.

Bottom Line: this is a mess!


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Post by Andy_F » Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:46 pm

Hi Lorenz,

Yes it sure is a mess.

I'd got a note that he was KIA 20Feb44 but not the actual details so I had discounted it as an error. However there are no more claims by this pilot after 20Feb44 and the loss details are conclusive, he was definitely with 9./NJG 3 (D5+xT). So the data that he was Gr.Kdr. V./NJG 5 is what is wrong.

And I'd suspect that Zweng is correct that it was actually Helmut Peters who was Gr.Kdr. I./NJG 3 19Jul43-04Oct43 (or 01Jun43-14Aug43) as until 31May43 he was Gr.Kdr. III./NJG 101. Could it also be him who was Gr.Kdr. V./NJG 5 15Aug43-03May44.

Thanks once again for the excellent info.

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Re: Erhard Peters

Post by OkJ14 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:58 am

I am new to this board, please bear with me. I do realize this is an old thread, as well.

I was reviewing an obituary including Erhard Peters from 2015 and began a brief search this morning, finding the following:

1. There are actually 3 with the same name. One is buried in Russia, wrong rank, etc.

2. Is a LT who was born in 1920 and is listed to have died in 1999. Also a pilot.

3. Is a Captain, the one I believe you are looking for and also have mixed info.

I stumbled across information linking a Luftwaffe
Pilot with a Dr Paul Lüth in Germany in the 1950s.
In one brief case, it says LT (in a book much later in years), however there is also info saying the two knew each other from near Rostock, 170 km where Peters is from. There is all kinds of declassified CIA paperwork, DER SPIEGEL article, book information, talking about a Peters and his “work.”

The rest of the story is researched from the obit.
His wife Gerlinde was born in Prague, and had a son.
She left (after Peters went down) and worked for the Army. Remarried an American soldier and came to the states. The son went on to become a pilot as well.

I am assuming the mother had to run based on her background? The obit reads she was told she had to return to the Russian Sector.

My question is, as two, from what I understand came away from the crash, could it be possible that Peters left, and his death is bunk? Are there photos of his demise? I know there is a burial place, but who is to say anyone is there.

Next, we know nothing about Peters number 2. What became of him since he made it to 1999?
What is his story? And is he man in the CIA papers?

One thing stood out in something I read, that Peters with a couple of certain cars made an impression. The son of Captain Peters also had a car interest.
The birthday in the son’s obit is also the birthdate for Capt Peters which could always be a typo. The mother’s maiden name is also

Wanted to put this out there for anyone looking into Peters. That doesn’t sound right.

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