Reiter-Regimente / Landsmannschaft

German Freikorps, Reichsheer and Reichsmarine 1919-1934.
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Reiter-Regimente / Landsmannschaft

Post by Paulus II » Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:12 am

Hi all,

The 18 Reiter-Regimente of the Reichsheer all kept a form of the age-old Landsmannschaft, apparantly after a decree issued by the Reichspräsident in may 1922. 14 regiments were designated as 'Preussisch', one as 'Sächsisch' and one as 'Bayrisch'. The other three were 'Gemischt', of mixed origin. Usually the names of these Regiments are shown with both regions in their name: 'Preussisch-Mecklenburgisch' for RR 12 and 'Badisch-Württembergisch' for RR 18 while RR 16 seems to be an exception since I can't find anything about them at all.
Recently I read that RR 18 wasn't known as 'Badisch-Württenbergisch' at all but that the individual Eskadronen carried the regional names, mostly depending on which regimental tradition(s) the Eskadron was supposed to uphold.

So.....what's the truth? How were these regiments called officially? and unofficially?

Thanks in advance, best regards,


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