WW1 Sanitatskasten

German Freikorps, Reichsheer and Reichsmarine 1919-1934.
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WW1 Sanitatskasten

Post by graykcb » Sun Nov 06, 2005 8:10 am


A little before the Riechswehr I am afraid but close.

I have acquired a German WW1 Sanitastkasten, an earlier type but similar to that used in WW2. It requires some restoration but has some interesting history.

It was brought/sent back to the Army Medical Corps at Woolwich, England sometime during WW1. On the bottom however it has been marked/stamped in dark purple (was once black) ink:

F.A.B. 84 7

The last number may be a '7' or just a '/' but is seperated from the 84. Does anyone know what F.A.B. stands for, or at least point me in the right direction ?.

Fuss-Artillerie-Battalion, Feld-Ausbildung-Battalion ??

I would be interested to know to what unit/battalion/regiment it was assigned.



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