German Freikorps, Reichsheer and Reichsmarine 1919-1934.
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Hello forum

It's just like a big black hole for me...
How and when are the two Reichswehrgruppenkommandos created?
Correct me if I'm wrong:
For me, it's like there is nothinf at the end of the Great War... then, they are the Freikorps... The Law of the 6th march 1919 creates a new Vorläufige Reichswehr, but it seems there is no great change for the Freikorps. Anyway, this lwa contains no indication about any superior high command. But, I've found that it was just after it that it was decided to create a Reichswehrministerium (effective power to the Prussian ministry of war until the Reichwehrministerium is created)...
And the Reichswehrgruppenkommandos????? I can't find any informations about it...
What about the Generalkommandos Armeekorps? Are they re-created after the war or are they surviving as simple administrative commands?

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