WW1 German Naval raids on British coast

German Freikorps, Reichsheer and Reichsmarine 1919-1934.
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Post by big_buddha » Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:57 pm

This thread has taught me a lot, interesting that the Clyde ended up back in Ulster.

Interestingly enough, my great grandfather was in Dublin sheeling the post office, Easter 1916 and my grandfather was posted in Ulster during WWII, my uncle was in Ulster peacekeeping in the 70s and my elder brother was in Ulster doing likewise in the late 80s.

My brother used to joke that the way to tell a Loyalist from a Republican was to refer to Derry as Londonderry and see f they corrected you, never met a Republican who would let ya call it Londonderry.
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hes out of date, nowadays its not even Derry, its Doire LMAO
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