Encyclopedia of the New Order, Volume 12 + HS Volume 4 (Vienne + national school of the cadres of the Milice)

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Encyclopedia of the New Order, Volume 12 + HS Volume 4 (Vienne + national school of the cadres of the Milice)

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Grégory Bouysse is pleased to announce the release of two new books:
-Volume 12 of the Encyclopaedia (474 pages), dedicated to the Vienne (northern and southern zones) and to the Franc-Garde national school of the northern zone (available here: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0BS8R6G5K )
-the special issue of Documentation & Iconography Volume 4 (131 pages), devoted to the Section des Affaires Politiques de Poitiers (available here: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0BSBGZ5GN )

In "Encyclopédie de l'Ordre Nouveau - Histoire du SOL, de la Milice Française & des mouvements de la Collaboration VOLUME 12" the Vienne department is discussed. In reality, one should speak of the Vienne departments: the Vienne southern zone and the Vienne northern zone. Because during the whole period of the occupation, the history and the course of the events were quite different between the occupied and the free parts of the departments concerned.
In April 1944, the French Militia set up a national school for Franc-Garde cadres in Poitiers. Pupils came from all over the northern zone to undergo military training. The school was dissolved at the beginning of July 1944, and transformed into a regional cohort. This did not change much, except that the Francs-Gardes now depended on the regional level in Poitiers, and no longer on the national level in Paris.

In total, 391 portraits (150 photos) are presented in this volume 12, coming from all political factions (SOL, Milice Française, LVF, PPF, RNP, Francisme, MSR, Groupe Collaboration, etc) and military factions (Franc-Garde permanente, LVF, Waffen-SS, Kriegsmarine, Légion Speer, etc).

The SAP (Section des Affaires Politiques) is the subject of the special volume "Documentation & Iconography" Volume 4. Treated separately so as not to weigh down volume 12, and because of the mass of documentation relating to this political police unit, which was one of the most active in France, along with the SAP of Bordeaux of the famous commissaire Poinsot (see volume 8).

Order directly from the author to obtain a discount (49 euros for the two books, instead of 64 euros): [email protected]

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