New books "special issue" of the Encyclopaedia

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New books "special issue" of the Encyclopaedia

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Grégory Bouysse announces the release of
of two new works (from a new series): "Encyclopedia of the New Order - History of the SOL, the French Militia & the movements of the Collaboration - Special Edition - Documentation & Iconography", volumes 1 & 2.
Since the publication of the first volume of the main series "Encyclopedia of the New Order - History of the SOL, the French Militia & the movements of the Collaboration", numerous documents and photographs have been published in the various volumes. Desiring above all that the books be accessible to as many people as possible, we opted for a basic printing, to offer an affordable price. The counterpart being that the photographs are of an often very average quality compared to the original document.
We wanted to remedy this by offering this new series in color format (paperback or hardcover). Volume 1 includes all the documentation published in volumes 1 to 5 of the Encyclopedia, and more generally the iconography relating to the following departments: Haute-Garonne, Ariège, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne. But also a certain number of documents not published in the original volumes, for reasons of space. This volume therefore aims to offer readers and historians the iconography of the collaboration in a quality worthy of the original documents. Following a careful complete proofreading of the author's archives (in particular the Court of Justice and Civic Chamber files), volume 1 also includes a certain number of addenda (corrections and additions), but also many new biographies (among them of 77)! The organization charts and listings of the SOL and the Militia are also published again, in their updated version, as well as the photographs of the places of duty.

In volume 2 are reproduced brochures, various documents and photohraphies (LVF, Phalange Africaine, Jeunes de l’Europe Nouvelle), again in color, in order to be faithful to the original material.

We hope that this new series will find its audience. Thank you for your loyalty.

Volume 1:
Paperback version (color): (A temporary bug means that the book is currently marked unavailable on, but it is available on all other versions of amazon, at the same price so don't hesitate! Example: )
Hardcover version (color):

Volume 2:
Paperback version (color):
Hardcover version (color):

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I also invite you to follow and regularly consult the official Facebook page of the author:
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