New book: The U.S. M3 / M3A1 Submachine Gun "Grease Gun"

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New book: The U.S. M3 / M3A1 Submachine Gun "Grease Gun"

Post by GGG » Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:05 am

Hello everybody,

I just want to let you know that I have finished a new book:

U.S. M3 / M3A1 Submachine Gun "Grease Gun"

The book gives an insight into the history of this extraordinary weapon, from its development and the trials at Aberdeen via the manufacturing process to its use in conflicts around the world. It also describes rare versions in different calibers (.30 M1, 9x19), patents, changes in manufacturing and construction drawings, accessories (pouches, tools, training devices, curved barrels, etc.), manuals & instructions, foreign made copies (China, Agentina, etc), silencers, markings, repair and replacements, training on the weapon and ammunition (ball, tracer, etc.). The majority of the illustrations is in color.

- German language only, but it comes with a separate English language translation print-out of the full text & captions (55 pages) !!

- 208 pages (bound with hardcover)

- large size (7.9 x 12 inch / 21 x 30 cm)

- 560 illustrations (mostly in color)

Price inclusive shipping by registered mail is:

Europe (EU): 49,95 €

USA, NZ, Australia and other Non-EU: $US 65.00

My email-address: [email protected]

Payment possible by Paypal, but that is a different email-address.

With best wishes from Germany
Michael Heidler
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