Black Cross/Red Star: Air War over the Eastern Front

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Black Cross/Red Star: Air War over the Eastern Front

Post by ChBergstrom » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:53 am

Great perspectives for a release of Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 4 in 2018! But I need your support.

I have very, very much new and exciting material for Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 4 that needs to come out to public knowledge.

The manuscript to Volume 4 is more or less completed. And I have started my own publishing house. All I need to do is find time and money to have Volume 4 put into order, to have the layout done and then send it to the printer.

The main thing is that I am supporting myself only through my publishing house. I do get around, but it requires much time and work on other projects. I could have Black Cross/Red Star Volume 4 put together and completed within a maximum of two months' time. But I need to know that I get an income for those two months - plainly in order to put the daily bread on the table.

So I would need a fair amount of pre-orders.

The customer price for the book would be $60.00 plus postage.

But in order to bring about a quick release of Volume 4, I consider a crowdfunding-solution. If I can get just 125 crowdfunders to contribute $100 each for Volume 4 (plus postage), it can be published within a couple of months. And the crowdfunders will also have their names printed as an acknowledgment in the book.

The crowdfunding payment will not be asked for until I have reached 125 names of people who have volunteered to crowdfund, or the production of the book has become economically viable by any other means.

I have started collecting a list of e-mail addresses to people such as you who are waiting for the Black Cross/Red Star series. So far, I have about 60 such private e-mail addresses.

If you can help me to get more e-mail addresses – and above all, people interested in participating in the crowdfunding for Black Cross/Red Star Volume 4, it would be of immense help.

Everyone who wants to participate in the crowdfunding should send me an e-mail about that. Then I will reply how they shall pay, and I will also send them a legal statement that I guarantee full repayment if the book has not been published within 12 months.

This also applies to people who don't want to crowdfund, but who wish to pre-order a signed copy for $60.00 plus postage. The payment for the pre-orders will not be asked for until I have reached a sufficient number of pre-orders to make the production of the book economically viable.

Please ask anyone interested in the Black Cross/Red Star series to just send me a short e-mail with the header "Want info on Black Cross/Red Star". The e-mail should be sent to me at [email protected]

And please spread the word on communities on the Internet!

One more thing: Please ask around at book stores in your country to find book stores interested in taking in a couple of copies. No one could inform them better than you of the great interest in this unique book!

Once I have managed to publish Volume 4, the whole project is started again, back on track, and then you can expect the subsequent volumes (starying with an updated re-issue of the sold out Volume 1) at regular intervals.

I hope you would like to help in this way. No one could be more interested than me to re-start the whole series. I have so much new material that I need to spread!
You are welcome to visit my websites:

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