Hube's Pocket, the fighting pocket

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Hube's Pocket, the fighting pocket

Post by Spacewrangler » Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:13 pm

I just finished reading " The Korsun Pocket" relating to a smaller sized break out and link up with supporting Wehrmact Forces on the Eastern Front, I know the 1'st Panzer army fought a bigger pocket withdrawel to link up with Wehrmact forces on the Eastern Front, conducted by Hans Valentin Hube commander of the first Panzer Army, does anyone know of any books translated to English that discusses Hube's pocket withdrawal? Any help would be the past two months I have read "Panzer Leader" Heinz Guederian's Auto, "Lost Victories" Erich von Manstein's auto, a biography about Manstein,a biography about Model, the "Fire fighter of the eastern Front" and Book about Rommel and officers of the Africakorps, I have taken an interest in Hube's pocket, I thought the book I just finished "The Korsun Pocket" would talk about Hube a little more, is troops called Hube "The Man" , if anyone knows of a book in English type detailing Hube's pocket I would love to hear about a book I feel compelled to read, so anyone with a Book or list of books in English pertaining to Hube's pocket will you please take the time to give me a book title and author name so I can study Hube's pocket more? Thanks

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Re: Hube's Pocket, the fighting pocket

Post by Jerry » Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:42 am

Don't know of a book about it but there was a pretty good article about it called "Hube's Great Escape", in last May's (2014) edition of World at War magazine.
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