New book on 9.Panzer-Division - Normandy August 1944.

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New book on 9.Panzer-Division - Normandy August 1944.

Post by avoie » Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:48 pm

Hello, :D
A new book has been published on the fights which took place in South of Normandy in August 1944 (area called Sarthe departement , between Le Mans and Alençon). Book made of 452 pages-850 pictures and 65 maps.
It talks about the german units which were there:
- mainly about the 9.Panzer-Division (many new pictures taken by French civilians, maps, gliedrung, drawings
and testimonies from German and Austrian veterans found by the author). This is the reason why there are 42 pages
specially dedicated to this unit at the beginning of the book.
- SS-Pz.Jg.Abt.17 (many new pictures taken by French civilians about Jagdpanzer IV/L48 destroyed or
- 708.Infanterie-Division (pictures of Howitzer Schneider 105mm),
- Panzer-Lehr-Division (new pictures of Panzer IV),
- 352.Infanterie-Division (new pictures of Stug III),
- 91.Infanterie-Division (Kampfgruppe Kiewitt with new pictures of Howitzer FH18/40 ),
- Sturm-Btl. AOK7 Kampfgruppe Messerschmitt,
- 77.Infanterie-Division,
- Sicherungs-Regiment 1 (many new pictures of AMD178 destroyed),
- Sicherungs-Regiment 194, 195, 196,
- Flak units,
- Marsch Battalion, ...
This book talks also on allied units in this area:
- mainly about the 5th US Amored Division, (many news pictures taken by French civilians, testimonies, maps,...)
- 2nd Free French Amored Division, (also many news pictures, testimonies, maps,...)
- 79th US Infantry Division, (new pictures)
- 90th US Infantry Division, (new pictures)
- 106th US Cavalry Group, (new pictures)
- 80th US Infantry Division. (new pictures)
You can see an outline of the book on the website below:

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