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Deutsche Dienststelle Translation

Post by Ferris43 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:41 pm

hi guys,
i have a copy of my grandfathers Deutsche Dienststelle record and was wondering if you guys can help translate it for me.
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Re: Deutsche Dienststelle Translation

Post by Prosper Vandenbroucke » Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:11 pm

Hi Ferrys43
Not sure at all with the translation but I try to do my best
His rank (dienstgrade) was gefreiter = Corporal.
I was made Prisonner of war by U.S. troops on the 8th of may 1945 in Gmuden (Upper Austria) and was released (liberated) on the 9th of april 1946.
On the 26th of September 1944 he was at the disposal of the 1st squadron (or maybe company) of the 211th fusilier Batallion coming from the 7th reconnaissance reserve section belonging to the 211th Infantry Division.
He stands from September till November 1944 in the Narew region (I think that the Narew is a river).
Because Rozan is a Town in Poland and lays on the river Narew
On the 7th of November 1944 he was transferred to the 1211th Panzerjäger Kompanie belonged to the 211th Volks Grenadier Division (VGD) coming from the above mentioned squadron or company.and stands in the month of December in West Prussia and his unit was send in January 1945 to Hungary. From February till april 1945 his unit was standing in Esztergom (Gran is the same but in slovakian language)(why is it spelled in Slovakian?? I didn’t know) and in may of the same year he was in lower Austria.
Hope it helps and sorry for my poor English
Kindly regards from Belgium
Prosper :wink: :wink:

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Re: Deutsche Dienststelle Translation

Post by Ferris43 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:15 am

Thanks heaps prosper.

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Re: Deutsche Dienststelle Translation

Post by MaxxMurxx » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:10 pm

Starting from Sept. 26., 1944

1. Squadron Division-Rifle-Bataillon 211
coming from intelligence-replacement-Dept- 7
Under orders of 211. Infantry Division
Realm of Deployment: Narew / Rozen (Sept.-Nov. 44)

From Nov. 7., 44:

Tank-destroyer Company 1211
coming from 1.Squadron division rifle battalion 1211
under command of People's Assault Army Division 211
Realm of Deployment: Dec. 44 deployment in Western Prussia, 01/45 transfer to Hungary, 02/45 - 04/45 Hungaria (Gran), May: Lower Austria

(according to message received May 5 /45: Private

POW: US Prsioner of War in Gmunden/Austria
09th April 45: released

Stammkompanie: Root Company
Ersatz: Replacement
Grenadier: Infantry
Füsilier (from French "Fusil = Rifle): Rifle Man
Unterstellung: Put under the command of...
Einsatzraum: Area of combat, realm of deployment
Aufklärung: intelligence

PS: the lowest rank in the German army was and is "Gefreiter". It equals "Private". The term "Untergefreiter" (Private 2nd class) is a joke. It is a Nickname for: civilian.

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