Totenkopf Letter

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Totenkopf Letter

Post by postofficeworker » Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:24 am

What is this letter all about? Who was the sender? Thanks for looking
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Hiltraut Tieden
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Re: Totenkopf Letter

Post by Hiltraut Tieden » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:24 pm

In a nutshell:
(It looks like the dark writing was added after the letter was written.I don't know who the sender was,
as the letter was not signed.)

Somebody asks Dr. Rudersdorf to take care of several requests:
1.) have the bank transfer 30 M. to a person named in the letter, the bank is already notified about it
2.) he tells Dr. Rudersdorf that he signed over his mahogany armoire to a lady he named,
as a Christmas present
3.) he informs Dr. Rudersdorf, that he gave his friend, a senior teacher, his intarsia (wood inlay) desk
as a Christmas present
He further asks that both of the people named are to get these things as soon as possible,
as he plans to rent out his apartment furnished. He moves to Vienna.

(There are several books which mentions a "Dr. Rudersdorf" in 1942 living in Nuremberg,
which is only a couple of miles from Erlangen where the letter originated.
He belonged to the SS and was in charge of controlling the sealing and securing the places of Jewish people.
I don't know if this is relevant, but I came across it and wanted to share it.)
This is what I think I could read:

Erlangen, 28. 11. 42

Dr. F. K. Fuchs
Oblt. d. W. S=S Toten-
kopf - Verbände.
Bayr. Vereins.Bank,
Nbg. Lorenzerpl.
Konto N÷ 9162

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Rudersdorf!
Ich ersuche Sie folgendes zu veranlassen:
1.) Bitte ich von der Bank an Dr. … Heinrich ...
… … … = Zweibrücken (keine … Vorstellung sondern hiermit
bestätigt von Dr…., Universitätsklinik) M. 30 (…..) für
wissenschaftliche Abhandlung über die… … … ...
überweisen zu lassen. ) Habe an Bank Anweisung gegeben.
2.) Habe Frau … … Fabrikbesitzerin, Hindenburgstr. 2
meinen Mahagonie-Schrank als Weihnachtsgeschenk überschrieben.
3.) Habe meinem guten Freund Franz …, Oberlehrer, meinen Intarsien-
schreibtisch als Weihnachtsgabe geschenkt. Beide werden gebeten, die Ge-
schenke so bald als möglich abzuholen, da ich meine Wohnung ab
1. Dez. 1942 möbliert vermieten werde. Ich ziehe nach Wien.

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Re: Totenkopf Letter

Post by postofficeworker » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:00 pm

Wow! Thanks for your detailed reply Hiltraut :) Lots of information for me take in. Thank you! Just for your interest, I'll send you a message with the link for the rest of the letter.


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