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Documentation on the Spanish Blue Division

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:16 pm
by Ricardo Silva
Dear friends,
I have a good pile of documentation on the Spanish Volunteer Division and I'm having some hardships with the translation.
If you could give me a help, I would be truly grateful. This will be very usefull for an ongoing research about the Portuguese volunteers on the Eastern Front.
I'll try not to overburden this topic, but with every translation you may help, it's a step closer to finish this research.

"2) Unter Belassung der beweglichen Pak-Reserve im rechten Teil des Brigade-Abschnittes zieht die 2.SS-Inf. Brig. 1 Zug 7,5 cm Pak zu 3 geschützen heraus und verlegt ihn nach Krasny Bor.
Vorläufige Unterstellung unter Gruppe Gronert. Verbindung mit G.R. 262 ist aufzunehmen, Einsatz im Abschnitt des Rgts. zu erkunden.
3) Schnelle Beweglichmachung der 7,5 cm Pak der 250. (span.) I.D. ist unter Belassug in den derzeitigen Stellungen vorzubereiten.
4) Radf. -Abteilung 250 ist umgehend nach Krasny Bor zu verlegen.
5) Ausbildung der Kan.Kp. der Gruppe Gronert ist zu fördern und auf Panzernahbekämpfung auszudehnen. Einsatz im Abschnitt des G.R. 262zu erkunden und vorzubereiten."

Re: Documentation on the Spanish Blue Division

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:59 pm
by fridgeman
2) The 2nd SS infantry brigade 1st company of 7,5cm anti tank guns, consisting of 3 guns, move to
Krasny Bor, leaving behind some mobile anti tank gun reserves at the right flank of the brigade.
Subordinated to Group Gronert for the present. Communications to G.R. 262 have to be established,
and assignment in the area has to be prepared.

3) The 7,5cm anti tank guns of the 250th are to be prepared to be moved, but will remain in its position for now.

4) Bicycle-Sqadron 250 is immediately to be moved to Krasny Bor.

5) The training of the Kan.? company of Group Gronert has to be pushed, especially close combat anti tank tactics.
Assignment in the area of G.R. 262 has to be prepared.

Hope that helps you a bit!