Interrogation reports?

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Interrogation reports?

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Hi all,

Well, here we are again: Herbert Noah (1908 - 1985) was my granddad. He was captured in Germersheim in Marh 1945 by American forces. I do assume he was interrogated after a few hours, maybe days. There might be a small report about him in an American archive, I think. But where do I look? How can I find it?
That is not all. The Americans did not held him too long, so my granddad was 'given' to the French. He then was imprisoned in a French fort (Ludwig Wilhelm or something), so I assume another interrogation took place. But I do not speak nor write any French (only "Oui, merci"), so tracing my granddad as a POW in French captivity will be a hell.
Does it end here? Of course not. The last months as a POW my granddad was in Tüttlingen, a British POW-camp.

SO, where can I find reords of the American army considering files about my granddad? And in the French archives? And (you did not see this coming!): in the British archives? And let us make this research thing a bit more international: anyone an idea where I can look up his 'denazification papers'?

All help is welcome! Thanks in advance!
Always in need for info about: Dutchmen in the NSKK, HJ and TeNo.
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