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Some Dutchmen served in Tammiku, Estonia at 1944

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:12 am
by Castellum
By memoirs of one Estonian girl who served as Telefonistin in German logistics base at Tammiku mõis (Gut oder Hof Tammik) near city of Jõhvi (Jewe) in Virumaa (Wierland) in Estonia at 1944.

There were lot of Dutchmen (names written by memoirs, might not be the proper Dutch names):
*Eifert Bienen (has a son with this Estonian girl)
*Villy Koster, from Queen Wilhelmina's lifegurad (was only son of peasant in the Netherlands, 8 sisters), fallen in summer 1944
*Pierre Krekkel from Amsterdam
*Jan Heesvik
*Kraftfahrer Keiser

Is it possible to get more information especially from Eifert Bienen?