716. Feldausbildungsregiment 153. Feldausbildungsdivision

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716. Feldausbildungsregiment 153. Feldausbildungsdivision

Post by TomBln » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:32 am

Hello to everybody,

I´m searching for informations about the commitment/use of the 716. Feldausbildungsregiment, belonging to the 153. Feldausbildungsdivision during July und August 1944 in Romania (Bessarabia).

Acutally I know, that Regiment and Division have been filled with young man from RAD (year of birth 1924).

Until 20.08.1944 the 716. Regiment was placed in the city of Armarda (German Red Cross information about last Place - todays name of the city unknown).

In time of the russian assault the 153. FAD has been between Gnadenfeld (today Blahodatne) and Cleastitz (today Wessela Dolyna).

What happened exactly between the 20.08. und 23.08 to the 716. Regiment? I just know, that one of the Regiments of the 153. FAD has been sent to reinforce the front.

Thanks for all informations.

In my hands i have a 2 pages letter from my uncle, written at the 20.08.1944 (astonishing, that there was time to write at this day) and the message about his missing, written by the transaction command. His last letter...

I just wondering, how it was possible for somebody in the 716. Regiment to write a letter at this day - and how it was possible, that the post worked correctly? In other forums I did read, that the 153. FAD haas been Reserve for the 6. Army. So maybe this could be explanation.

Thanks for your help.

Greetz from Germany.


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Re: 716. Feldausbildungsregiment 153. Feldausbildungsdivision

Post by Simon H » Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:03 am

During August 1944 part of the 6th Armee, area of campaign map is below;

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