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looking for my cousin and gradpas unit

Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 9:00 am
by coronet67
looking for information on my cousins unit from the feldpost number of his last letter he was with the totenkopf ss and had been in battle in seldice poland and had damage to his tank turrett they took out one t-34 and and 2 37mm pack guns. His mother got notice that he was mia and I now have the letter and am trying to do some research. The letter mentions that they were in grafenwhor before heading to poland and I do not know if he was with the tigers or the panthers but I am suspecting panthers. I am also looking for info on my grandfathers unit 271 st Panzer grenadiers and he was a nebelworfer truck driver in france and later in Czechoslovakia being captured by the russians and sent to stalingrad. Thanks for any info