My father's war years

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My father's war years

Post by alex1004 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:12 am

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My father was in the Wehrmacht and I have received a few details of the units/divisions he served with from the Deutsche Dienstelle. However I would like to find out exactly what those units did - where they fought, etc. Can anyone assist me with this? Many apologies for the long post!
The information on his units is:
Oct 1940 6-Nachrichten Ersatz Batterie leichte Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung 75, Tempelfelde
Oct 1940 3 Batterie Sturmgeschutz Ersatz Abteilung 200
Nov 1940 - Jan 1941 5 Batterie leichte Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung (motorisiert) 75, Eberswalde
Jan - Feb 1941 18 (Sturm-) Batterie Artillerie Lehr Regiment Juterborg
Feb 1941 3 Batterie Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 204
July 1941 2 Batterie Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 185
Dec 1941 -July 1942 Genesendenbatterie Sturmgeschutz Ersatz Abteilung 200, Schweinfurt
July 1942 Stab Artillerie Schiess-schule Thorn
Nov 1942 6 Nachrichten Ersatz Batterie leicht Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung (motorisiert) 75
April - June 1943 Artillerie Schule III Schule fur Fahnenjunker der Artillerie Lehrgang VI, Suippes bei Chalons France
July 1943 - March 1944 Schule fur Fahnenjunker der Artillerie Lehrgang VI Lehrstab II, Mourmelon/Marne
May 1944 2 Batterie Panzer Artillerie Regiment 130

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Re: My father's war years

Post by John W. Howard » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:24 pm

Alex: A great place to start is with Lexicon der Wehrmacht: You should be able to determine the higher formations your father's Abteilungs belonged to and their approximate locations at various times. If you hit a road-block, just ask for help!! Best wishes.
John W. Howard

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Re: My father's war years

Post by cakewalk2013 » Wed Jun 23, 2021 10:06 am

A few days ago I read your information about your father and hopefully you will get this message after this years.

My uncle, first stationed in Jüterbog (2. Batterie Beobachter Ersatz 6, from 30.09.41 to 31.10.41, moved to France where he has been from 01.11.41 until 09.05.44.

He also was in a "leichte Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung", "Wetterpeilzug 335 later 509" and "Beobachter mot". He took part at Artillerie Schule II for Fahnenjunker in Suippes/Mourmelonn, Marne, France. His Feldpost number than was 58281 D/Lehrgang II und 1. - 6. Lehrgang für Fahnenjunker of Artillerie., from 12/1942 ? until 03/1943). During his time in Suippes/Mourmelon (Mourmelon = schwere Artillerie) he was at the 6. Batterie Artillerie-Lehrregiment 3. Thats out of the files from Bundesarchiv PA Berlin.

But During his school he was from August 1943 until December 1943 in Russland in Stabsbatterie Beobachtungsabteilung 44 and later 67.

From January 1944 until Mai 1944 he again took part in this training in Suippes.

I guess he was somewhere stationd in France near Dijon, Suippes/Marmoulon and later near Marseille. Have you got any letters or photograph left from your father?


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