Seeking information on Oberstleutnant Wilhelm Gustav Schaal

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Seeking information on Oberstleutnant Wilhelm Gustav Schaal

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Greetings all, this is my first post here in what seems like a fantastic forum! I am hoping to piece together a puzzle and I hope I'll be able to find some help here! I hope you don't mind a bit of context for why I am looking for information about Wilhelm Schaal...

So I recently purchased an original copy of Rommel's "Infanterie greift an" which contains an inscription from Rommel himself. However I am now more interested in the man who owned the book and to whom is was inscribed, one Wilhelm Gustav Schaal. Doing some online research, I found a picture of him and a few records, but not much more. Apparently he attained the rank of Oberstleutnant. I must admit my knowledge of all things military is truly beginner level, but I thought Oberstleutnant was a relatively high rank. Therefore shouldn't there quite a bit of information about this man online?

I will post the documents I found and I wonder if this fantastic group here could help me to find out any information on Schaal. I don't read German, so the documents are a mystery to me, and even the photo doesn't mean much to me as I know very little about medals, uniforms, etc.

Literally anything you can tell me will be of great help! I could also post photos of the book's inscription as well as some newspaper articles that were found in the back if anyone is interested or thinks they may give clues. I am rather interested to understand the link between this man and Rommel. (By the way Rommel inscribed it "to my friend Wilhelm Schaal...")

Thanks in advance!
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