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Luftwaffe officers

Posted: Sat May 28, 2022 12:31 am
by hansv.d.donk
I am researching the war history of my home town and, thanks to the diaries of the municipal quartermaster, some things have been preserved about German units. Based on the billeting, a picture emerges of the course of these units. At the end of October IR.27 led by Oberst von Bülow arrived in the city. Early November the staff and the IIIrd are transformed into IR.252. Early December von Bülow leaves with parts of IR.252 and he is succeeded by Oberst Kegler. Finally IR.27 leaves in May 1941.Now in 1940 there are still sections of German infantry in the city which, based on the Feldpost numbers, can be said to be IR.347 and IR.332. Also names Hauptmann Däunert or Deunert and Oberst Teschmann are mentioned. Not much can be found about these names and units on the internet. So that is why I ask the Forum members if you know anything about this. IR347 would be in the period July to November and IR.332 in the period October to December. This is about the year 1940.