KM Officers Pre-War Details Request

Individual German officers, soldiers and award holders.

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KM Officers Pre-War Details Request

Post by hucks216 » Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:23 pm

I am wondering if anyone can help me please with the pre-war service details (appointments & promotions etc) of the following 3 officers...

Kern, Günther (Born: 17th Oct 1907). Joined KM in 1925. Served in Reichsluftministerium as a liaison officer from 1938 until 1943 and IO aboard Schlesien in 1944-45. Ended the war as Fregattenkapitän.

Lampe, Carl-Heinrich (Born: 25th Jul 1907). Joined KM in 1926. Served aboard Scharnhorst from 1938-1941. Commanded three Destroyers from 1943-Wars End. Ended the war as Fregattenkapitän.

Meusemann, Kurt (Born: 14th Feb 1904). Served aboard Graf Spee and returned to Germany from internment in 1940 or 41 to continue service in Kriegsmarine (never served at sea again as far as I can tell.) Ended the war as Kapitän z.See.

I own the Soldbucher for all three so have the details for their wartime service, but very little (or nothing) on their pre-war service.

Any information or pointers is much appreciated.

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