Maj. i.G. Dittmar

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Maj. i.G. Dittmar

Post by Rossano » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:50 am

in his mil. career (in book by Zweng) he is reported to be 1945 Ia of I. AK until 10.1.45 then Ia of PGD. Kurmark from 25.3.45, but in the Gen.St.Offz.-Liste dated 15.1.45 he is reported to be Ia of an Inf.Div., which one or wrong data ?
Thanks, Rossano

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Re: Maj. i.G. Dittmar

Post by jjmcgr » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:40 pm

I see no contradiction in these records. Gerd Dittmar was Ia, I. AK, from 25 Jun 44 to 10 Jan 45. He was replaced by Major iG Paul DENSIEN, the corps Qu (G4) on a temporary basis until 25 Jan 45. The permanent replacement was Major iG Bernd Bosselmann, a more senior officer. The I Corps was trapped in the Courland pocket at the time. Courland was a quiet front and all the troops there were trapped although there was still movement by sea and air. Dittmar, as a relatively senior GS major with six months experience as a corps ops officer, was probably felt to be more needed as the Ia of a division and was recalled by the Army Personnel Office to Berlin. So in Jan 45 he was slated to be a div Ia. Division Kurmark at the time was an ad hoc brigade formed around the replacement units of the recently created Grossdeutschland Corps and emergency units. When it was elevated to division status in March, Dittmar became the Ia. The division fought on the Oder front but escaped to American captivity. Dittmar was later an advisor on German rearmament.

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