both Majore i.G. Heitsch

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both Majore i.G. Heitsch

Post by Rossano » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:10 am

Hello, who can give exact data ?
I´m puzzled by their mil. careers in 1945
Heinrich : he is wronly reported (at Wikipedia in Internet) to have been in 45 finally in the Gen.St.d.H, but according to his mil. career (by Wegm./Zweng) as well as in the Stellenbes.Liste dated 10.12.44 and in the Übersicht of HGr. Weichsel dated about 4.45 he was Ia XVII.AK
Joachim : according to his mil. career (by Wegm./Zweng) he was 6.44-9.44 Ib 343.ID (Division surrendered Mid-Sept. 44 in the Festung Brest and was cancelled/aufgelöst Sept./Oct. 44). Question : was he taken prisoner or which assignement did he have in 1945 ? In the Gen.St.Offz.-list dated 15.1.45 he is still reported to have been "Ib of an Inf.Div."(I believe it is a wrong data, if it still refers to the 343.ID, or was he by then Ib of another Inf. Div. ?). In his mil. career (by Wegm./Zweng) it is wrongly stated that he was 44?45 "Chef Gen.St. of the XVII.AK"(certainly referring to "Ia XVII.AK" for Heinrich....)
Thanks for any help, Rossano

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Re: both Majore i.G. Heitsch

Post by jjmcgr » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:59 pm

In this case the records are obviously mixing up the two officers. American records I have copies of (a list of captured GSOs) lists JOACHIM as being captured at Brest in Sept 44 while serving as Ia, 343. ID. Oberst Rudolf Kogard was the Ia until 18 August and wrote a narrative history of the unit as a POW. According to him JOACHIM was made Ia on 25 August. He had graduated from the 12th GS course on 7 May (a course also attended by HEINRICH). An Oberst Baumann, the 951st GR commander, filled in as Ia from 18 to 25 August. He later served at Aachen and does not appear on GSO lists as he was serving as a line officer. What position Kodard was serving in after 18 August is unclear but he was still in the pocket as he was captured on 18 September. Since he doesn't appear on late war GSO lists, he was probably serving as a unit commander.

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