Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!)

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Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!)

Post by Michi » Mon Oct 21, 2002 1:40 pm

I've done a quick translation from German into English.
So it's not a perfect one.
I would be happy, if one of the participators could verify the names I mentioned in the following article.

Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
Formed as a mechanized infantry coy on 02nd July 1940 in the GRAZIANI-barracks in ASMARA, by a daily order by the govener of Italian Eritrea. This was also broadcasted by the radio-station in ADDIS ABEBA.

The Germans were drafted from the cargo-ships in Italian-Eritrea and Italian-Somalia and also local Germans which were in till 10th June 1940 in internment camps.

Commander: Tenente Gustav HAMEL
2nd Commander: Sottotnente Arturo RAGGI
Company First Sergeant: Maresciallo Maggiore Adolf BREMER

138 men
3 platoons: 1. & 2. platoon: each w/2 groups each w/ 1 ltMG;
________3. platoon: 3 groups each w/ 1 hyMG

uniform: olivegreen trousers with puttee/gaiters & ankle high climbing boots
olivegreen tunic made of light cloth
shirt & tie
olivegreen tropical helmet & dust protection glasses
+ swastika on the left arm
+ swastika on the front-side of the tropical helmet

Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ was part of an independent mechanized infantry battalion.
COmmander: Maggiore Clemente FERRERO
Squadron „Asmara“ (armoured car squadron w/ Fiat 611)
COmmander: Capitano CARDUCCI, later Tenente MOLINARI
uniform: olivegreen trousers with puttees/gaiters & and ankle high climbing boots
black tunic
leather helmet
Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
COmmander: Tenente Gustav HAMEL
2nd COmmander: Sottotnente Arturo RAGGI
Company First Sergeant: Maresciallo Maggiore Adolf BREMER
+ 2 italian coys (maybe Dubat coys??)

02/07/1940 – 30/09/1940: Training in the GRAZIANI-barracks in ASMARA.
11/07/1940 The German coy defiled/marched past –in passo romano- in
front of the supreme commander and governer of Italian-
Eritrea, Luigi FRUSCI.
30/09/1940 – 15/10/1940: Forming of an independent mechanized infantry battalion

01/10/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ receives as the only
coy in Italian East-Africa a pennant.
06/10/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ was sworn in by
15/10/1940 – 02/11/1940: Battalion moves to KASSALA.
03/11/1940: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ moves to the
Eventful actions followed.
Together with the Squadron „Asmara“ all Allied attacks
were repulsed.
19/01/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ and the Squadron
„Asmara“ retreat back to KASSALA ab.
The German coy has a strength of 127 men.
22/01/1941: KASSALA was evacuated.
New position of the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
24/01/1941: After fierce fightings with ANZAC-troops the German coy
The German coy has a strength of 114 men.
25/01/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ is part of the rearguard,
which covers the retreat from the Sudan-front.
??/??/1941: The coy has very heavy losses in the actions at AGORDAT.
The German coy has a strength of 91 men.
??/??/1941 - 25/03/1941: Battle for KEREN.
Coy is westwards of KEREN;
together with the Infantry-battalion „Toselli“ and the
Black-shirt battalion „Gabriele D’Annunzio“.
The German coy has a strength of 52 men.
26/03/1941: Later on the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ together
with the Squadron „Asmara“ is stationed at the railway-
station in KEREN.
The German coy has a strength of 44 men.
Squadron „Asmara“ has 5 Fiat 611 armoured cars on
Squadron „Asmara“ covered the retreat and perished.
27/03/1941: The German coy was used to form a battle-group
commanded by Colonello Geraldo CISBIO.
Battle-group had the order, to keep the bridgehead on the
west bank of the river ANSEBA.
28/03/1941: Retreat to ASMARA.
03/04/1941: Evacuation of ASMARA.
03/04/1941 – 01/05/1941: Retreat- and rearguard actions.
The Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ arrived in AMBA
The German coy has a strength of 21 men.
02/05/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ is disbanded as a coy,
but keeps ist name as honour, and is formed as a platoon
of the Compagnia Carabinieri „Amba Alagia“ (Kdt: Tenente
14/05/1941: The German „coy“ has a strength of 19 men.
16/05/1941: Last attack of an Italian unit in the area of AMBA ALAGIA.
Compagnia Carabinieri „Amba Alagia“ attacks towards
The attack get stuck just 50 Meter before.
The German „coy“ has a strength of 8 men.
18/05/1941: The Italian forces surrender in AMBA ALAGIA.
None of the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ survives.

MfG Michi

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Post by Jason Pipes » Mon Oct 21, 2002 1:53 pm

Thanks for posting this! I can clean up the English and try to verify some of the names for you. I'll post the info I have on it and on the Campaign in Italian East Africa ASAP and we can merge the info into a single article on the unit for the site. Rock on! 8)

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Post by Jason Petho » Mon Oct 21, 2002 2:55 pm

Very interesting!! Thanks! :D

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Post by eric » Mon Oct 21, 2002 5:46 pm

This Michi guy sure knows his way!

Great work!
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