2.Panzer-Divsion H.Flak-Art.Abt 273 June 1944

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2.Panzer-Divsion H.Flak-Art.Abt 273 June 1944

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Hello All,

I am trying to sort out the organization of the 2.Panzer-Divsion's Heer Flak-Art.Abt 273 as it stood on 01 June 1944. In the attached diagram, we can see that it had the following units

Stab-KStN 1705
Stabs-Batterie-KStN 1709
1.Batterie-KstN 1711
2.Batterie-KstN 1711
3.Batterie-KStN 1714 plus KStN 1715

The 4.Batterie is the one I am trying to figure out which KStN was used to organize it. The diagram clearly shows 9 tracked 20mm guns plus 2 tracked Quad 20mm guns. I can't seem to locate a KStN with that equipment. The 2.Panzer was certainly equipped different than the theoretical organization.

So, my question is this. I wonder if the KStN 1114 dated 1.11.1943 was used and self-propelled guns were issued instead of towed? Or is there another KStN out there?

H Flak-Art.Abt 273_01_06_44.jpg
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