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Pz Auf Abt 2 and artillery stuffs

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 12:04 am
by Fulgor
Hello to you !
First post on this excellent forum, honored to be there !

I'm working on the history of the Panzer Aufklarungs Abteilung 2, and more specialy on the period in the battle of the bulge, from 16 to 26 of december 1944, on the composition of the Kampfgruppen (Von Bohm, Cochenhausen, Holtmeyer & Gutmann).

And my first questions are for the several artillery pieces we can see on the after battle pics.

Firstable, on the fiels at Celles.

We can cleraly see some Sig 33. But I can't find from what unit they came from ... If someone could help...

For the LeFh 18 that we can also see, I think they are from the III. Abt from the 766. Volks-Artillerie-Korps.
Whereas in the sources, they talk about just s.Fh 18 from the 766 VAK used in the KG Holtmeyer ...

At last, about this pic of the Mahenne Farm in Foy Notre Dame, where we are sensed to see remains from the Kampfgruppe Von Bohm. So why there is a Pak 40 and it's Sdkfz 251/1 D tractor, and what we can see as a Sdkfz 222 destroyed into the farm ? They are not in the PAA 2 units ...

As I said, if someone could help, that will be really really nice !

In wait, many thanks !

Re: Pz Auf Abt 2 and artillery stuffs

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:47 am
by Prosper Vandenbroucke