Jagdpanthers from the 10.SS Frundsberg

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Joachim F.
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Jagdpanthers from the 10.SS Frundsberg

Post by Joachim F. » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:34 am

Hi gents

And thanks for the add

Know someone please something about the 10 Jagdpanthers issued for the 7.Panzer division on the 28.February?

For example to which exactly unit in the 10.SS Frundsberg division,first strength Report in which the Jagdpanthers first appear

Thanks for all new info about the Frundsberg Jagdpanthers and in general about the 10.SS Panzer division

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John W. Howard
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Re: Jagdpanthers from the 10.SS Frundsberg

Post by John W. Howard » Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:25 pm

Hello Joachim:
Yes, both 10.SS PzD and 7.PzD did receive Jagdpanthers in Feb 1944. Both got 10 Jagdpanthers. The first strength report for Frundsberg which included the jagdpathers was from March of 1945; if I remember correctly. I am trying to locate that report. I am not sure when the 7.PzD jagdpathers first appeared on a strength report. Best wishes.
John W. Howard

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