location of missing relative

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location of missing relative

Post by john_oz » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:58 am

Hi all, im totally new to this but have a life long interest in WW2.
and even more so now that i have a German father in law and hence my research.
My father in laws dad was reported as killed in a letter sent to his wife dated 23rd May 1944 and i would love to find the area this happened to give some closure to my elderly father in law.
The date of death reported as 8th March 1944, my research has shown this to be inaccurate (at least i think so)
as ive found on www.volksbund.de online grave search that the date of death/becoming missing is listed as 1st jan 1944 in a place called Raum Umani with documents about this in Kiew, Ukraine.
Does any of this make sense to anyone? and does anyone have any ideas how to progress.
Here are the only details i know.
Name: Wilhelm Mockert
born in Hof Germany 17.10.1909
i have a driving licence with him licensed for class 3 verbrenngungsmachine ( internal combustion)
that expires on 4/2/44 in Nurnberg
and has Stellv. Gen XIII. A.K Kdr. der Kraftfahrparktruppe zugl. Wehrkr. Kf Offizier

The letter is from Luetenant Gerhard Bredier (i think.. very hard to read 70 odd year old German handwriting)

So im assuming he was a driver or mechanic? and in the 13th army
any help on this would be fantastic as i truly would love to try and find this information for this wonderful man.

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Re: location of missing relative

Post by Simon H » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:49 am

Would suggest you contact the Deutsches Dienstelle WaSt in Berlin:

They should have record of his service within the Stellvertretendes Generalkommando XIII. Armeekorps. They should also be able to give you his specific unit details. For sure he was within 13th Armee and from January 1944 they were being beaten back from Ukraine by the Soviets.
Simon Harrold

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