Final battles of 8th Panzer Division?

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Final battles of 8th Panzer Division?

Post by cmullin » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:46 am

Hello, my name is Conor, brand new to the site. I've been extremely interested in the Wehrmacht in WWII for close to a decade now, and am in the process of gathering information for my first independent research project.

Russ Schneider's "Gotterdamerung- Germany's Last Stand in the East" touched rather briefly on the demise of the 8th Panzer Division after covering them in some good detail in March of '45. I was extremely interested in a passage that covered their final offensive on April 15 or 16, part of the division's encirclement as a result, and a rather bold counterattack to break the siege and allow the trapped units to escape.

Unfortunately, there was not much information beyond that. Having written a several papers on the Wehrmacht in WWII already, I am trying to potentially tackle this subject, which has so far little to no leads besides the 8th Pz.Div. official history, published only in German and extremely expensive.

Are there any other good leads, contacts or references anyone knows of? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!



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Re: Final battles of 8th Panzer Division?

Post by Prosper Vandenbroucke » Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:15 am

Hi Conor,
Hope it help's a little bit: ... r-division ... pz_08.html ... Wehrmacht)
8. Panzer Division

10th Panzer Regiment
8th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
28th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
80th Panzer Artillery Regiment
8th Motorcycle Battalion
59th Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion
43rd Tank Destroyer Battalion
59th Panzer Engineer Battalion
59th Panzer Signal Battalion

Formed in 1938 as the 3. leichte-Division. Transformed to 8. Panzer on October 16, 1939 ... fe.821092/ ... en/8PD.htm
Kindly regards from Belgium
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