Kampfgruppe Hauck

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Kampfgruppe Hauck

Post by Lupo Solitario » Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:21 am


I'm looking for composition of Kampfgruppe Hauck which operated on Italian Appennines in first half of 1944. I know the unit was largely based on 305.ID but I need some more detailed infos.

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Re: Kampfgruppe Hauck

Post by tigre » Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:43 pm

Hello to all :D; something on it...................................

Gruppe Hauck - Italy first half of 1944.

In order to adjust command arrangements to the needs of the coming battle, A.0.K.10 now moved the headquarters of 51 Mtn Corps behind the Cassino front and rearranged commands as follows:

24 Apr A.O.K. 10 To: 14 Pz Corps; 51 Mtn Corps; O.B.SW (for information).

Right: 14. Pz Corps with 94 Inf. Div; 71. Inf. Div; 15. Pz Gren. Div; 1. Para Div.

Centre: 51. Mtn Corps with 44. Inf. Div; 5. Mtn Div; 114. Jg. Div.

Lett: Group Hauck (subordinated to 51. Mtn. Corps) with 334. Inf. Div; 305. Inf. Div.

But later on 10 May, 1800 hrs the following command arrangements will become effective:

14. Pz Corps from Terracina to Liri river with 15. Pz Gren.Div; 94. Inf.Div; 71. Inf. Div.

51 Mtn Corps from Liri river to right boundary of 334. Inf. Div with 44. Inf.Div.; 1. Para Div; 5. Mtn Div; 114. Jg Div.

Left: Group Hauck (subordinated directly to 10. Army) from right boundary 334. Inf.Div to Silvi with 334. Inf. Div; 305. Inf. Div.

The headquarters of the various formtions as 12 May were in the following locations:

10. Army Massa d'Albe (near Avezzano)
305. lnf. Div Spoltore
334. lnf. Div Roccamontepiano.

Group Hauck
Generalleutnant Friedrich Wilhelm Hauck

334. Infantry Division
754th, 755th, and 756th Grenadier Regiments
334th Fusilier Battalion
334th Panzerjäger Battalion (1 Kompanie StuG M42 and towed PaKs)
104th Artillery Regiment
334th Pioneer Battalion

305. Static Infantry Division
578th, 577th, and 578th Infantry regiments
305th Schnelle Battalion
305th Pioneer Battalion
305th Artillery Regiment
305th Panzerjäger Battalion (1 Kompanie StuG M42/M43)

Source: http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhh-dhp ... ahq020.pdf

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