Sicherungs-Brigade 74

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Re: Sicherungs-Brigade 74

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Sicherungs-Brigade 74.

Resistance in Haute-Corrèze.

August, 1944

* August 19: Not knowing that the garrison of Tulle surrendered, the Jesser column goes to Tulle, where it is ambushed in the Croix du Bourg and Seugnac. To avoid ambushes, the column travels by secondary roads through which it reaches Tulle at the end of the afternoon. Upon hearing the surrender of the German garrison, Jesser threatens to burn the city. Fortunately, due to the landing in Provence, an order of immediate withdrawal to the east, signed by Adolf Hitler, is parachuted by an airplane.

* On August 19, around 22:00 hours, the column leaves for Ussel and is hold in Gimel.

* August 20: the column falls into five ambushes.

* August 24: the brigade is reported in Clermont-Ferrand. As it passed through Brioude and Saint-Poncy, the column could release the garrison of Saint Flour, which was besieged by the resistance.

* August 27: withdrawal on Autun, Dijon and Langres.

* In September it will be fight in the Vosges, especially in Mirecourt..

* In January 1945, we found elements of the brigade with General Jesser in the cauldron of colmar.

Source: ... jesser.pdf
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