Army Group F order of battle December 1944

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Army Group F order of battle December 1944

Post by JeffF » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:10 pm

My order of battle for this is cut off. There is one incomplete corps designation that ends in XIV followed by a list of divisions: 7SS Geb Prinz Eugen, SS Rgts Gr Skanderberg, 11 LW Feld + 117 Jg, K Gr 1 Geb, Tie 264, Kotuck z.b.v., Stephan, SS Pol Geb Rgt 18, SS Pol Rgt 5, 264 bo (ohne 1 Rgt), 373 Kroat, 292 Kroat.

I believe that there are two or three corps headquarters controlling these formations one of which I believe to be XV Geb but I'm not sure. John, or anyone, would you be able to identify the corps and the divisions that comprise them?


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John W. Howard
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Re: Army Group F order of battle December 1944

Post by John W. Howard » Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:24 pm

Hi Jeff: Stand 31-12-1944

Heeresgruppe F, zügleich Ob. Südost:
LXIX. z.b.V., 1. Kos., Ski-Jg. Res. Rgt. 1
Heeresgruppe E:
V. SS-Geb.
LXXXXI. z.b.V.: 181., 297.(ohne 1. Rgt.), Fest. Brig.1077, Fest. Brig. 964, Fest. Brig. 963, Fest. Brig. 966, 369., Kroat. 22.

XXI. Geb.: Tle.297., Fest. Div. 41, Fest. Brig.967, Fest. Brig. 969, 104. Jg.

XXXIV.z.b.V.: 7.SS-Geb."Prinz Eugen", SS-Rgts. GR. "Skanderberg", 11.Lw. Feld + 117.Jg., KGr.1. Geb., Tle. 264., Korück z.b.V. Stephan, SS-Pol.Geb.Rgt. 18, SS-Pol.Rgt. 5.

XV.: 1 Rgt.), 373.Kroat., 292. Kroat.

Kdt. Ost.-Agais: Fest. Brig.939(Rhodos), Fest. Brig. 968

Fest. Kreta: Tle. Fest. Div.133
John W. Howard

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