Landesschützen Units.

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Landesschützen Units.

Post by Shadow » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:08 pm

Greetings Troops !! :D

First question:
Am I correct in assuming that the Landesschützen units, formed during WWII, followed the following chain of command:
1. The Landesschützen unit was under the direct command of the local Wehrkreis Headquarters (Wehrkreis Kommando).
2. The Wehrkreis Kommando was under the command of the Home Army (Ersatzheer).
3. All units of the Ersatzheer belonged to the Field Army (Feldheer).
4. The Feldheer was under the command of the Oberkommando des Heeres.
5. And, thus, the Landesschützen units were ultimately accountable to the Oberkommando des Heeres?

Second question:
Why do such notable authors, such as Dr.Sam Mitcham, Jr. (in his 3 volume set: "German Order of Battle") refer to some divisionen as "Landesschützen Divisionen" (especially in the "400+" series) when they are more popularly refered to as Div. z.b.V. 401 etc.?

Thanks for any help you can give.
/ Shadow (aka: John Mulholland)
Signed: "The Shadow"

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