Infos on german divisions in Italy

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Infos on german divisions in Italy

Post by diciassette2000 » Thu Dec 26, 2002 1:35 pm

I research infos on some german divisions that were in Italy on 1944. These divisions are: 19th and 20th Luftwaffe Sturmdivisions, 162nd Turkmenistan division and 356th infantry division. If anyone have oob, toe or other please writhe me
Thankyou very much

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Post by Gino » Mon Jan 13, 2003 9:39 am

Hello there,
i can just provide you some little info about the odb of the units:

162^ Turk. Inf. Div.
Gren. Regt. 303, 314, 329 - Art. Regt. 236
auxiliary service units number 232
Located on the Italian Adriatic cost during the last Allied offensive
(formed on mid 43, disbanded on may 45 in Austria)

356^ Inf. Div.
Gren. Regt. 869 (ex 815 Armen Abt), 870, 871 (ex 339 Ost Abt)
Art. Regt. 356 - auxiliary service units number 356
(formed on mid 43, disbanded on may 45 in Austria)

19^ LW Feld. Div.
LW Jag. Regt. 37, 38, 45 - LW. Fus. Abt. 19 - Art Regt 19 (L)

20^ LW Feld. Div.
LW Jag. Regt. 39, 40 - LW Art. Regt. 20 - LW Pz. Jag. 20

And that's about all,
hope this help.

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Post by Roger Griffiths » Thu Mar 27, 2003 4:49 pm

I have Meldung and Kriegsgliederung for 356 ID of 1st May 1944. I could summarize it for you.


Roger Griffiths

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19. Lw Feld Division in Italy

Post by Ron Klages » Fri Mar 28, 2003 12:53 pm


Here is some data from the book Goering's Grenadiers by Antonio Munoz.

19. Lw-Feld Division

Established on 1 March 1943 and formed in France to the west of Paris in the Vernon/Dreux/Chartres area. Transferred to the 15.Armee in the Netherlands in June 1943. Assigned to garrison duty from 15 June 1943 to 7 January 1944 on Walcheren Island to the west of Antwerp. On 1 November 1943 the division came under the control of the Army and was renamed as 19. Feld-Division(L). After the stay on Walcheren Island the division was moved to Belgium and stationed between Ghent/Brugge area. In the end of February they moved to the area of Thielt in Belgium. On 1 June 1944 the division was again renamed as 19. Lw-Sturm-Division however there was no apparent revision to their equipment as a result of the name change. On 3 June 1944 the division was ordered to Italy as a costal defense unit for the area around Livorno.
On 14 June 1944 they were in action just to the north of Grosseto near Piombino on the right flank of the 162. Infantry-Division. Here they fought aganist the american 36. Infantry Division fighting rear guard actions until 25 June 1944. At this point the 36. Inf-Division was replaced by the American 34. Inf-Division who fought the 19. Lw-Sturm-Division. The American attacks forced the back to Rosignano-Solvay by the evening of 3 July 1944. On 10 July 1944 the was finally outflanked by the US 135th Inf.Rgt. from the 34.Inf-Div. which broke through its left flank just outside the town of Rosignano-Solvay. The German line now withdrew north with no attempt to defend Livorno. To this point the 19. Lw-Sturm-Division had given a good account of itself in the battlre but the defense in the area of Rosignano-Solvay smahed the division beyond repair. By 19 July the remnants of the division were in defensive positions just to the north of Livorno where the front was again stablized with the arrival of the 65ID, 90.PGD and the 16.SSPGD. The decision was also made to return the to Denmark where it would be officially disbanded on 15 August 1944. All element departed Italy on 1 August 1944 except for I./Art-Rgt 19(L) and Fus-Btl. 19(L) which were incorporated into the 20. Lw-Sturm-Division. Some remnants of the division thay returned to Denmark were used to form the 19. VGD

The commanders of the division while in Italy were:
GenMaj Erich Baessler till 15 July 1944
Oberst Albert Henze from 15 July 1944 till 15 August 1944

OOB while in Italy

Jaeger-Rgt 37(L) with 2 battalions
Jaeger-Rgt 38(L) with 2 battalions
Jaeger-Rgt 45(L) with 2 battalions
Fus-Btl. 19-(L) with 4 companies
Art.-Rgt. 19 (L) with 2 battalions [III. transferred out prior to transport to Italy]
PzJag-Abt. 19(L) with 1 Flak company and 1 Pak company [no StuG IIIs]
Pi-Btl. 19(L) with 3 companies
Nachr.-Abt. 19(L) with 2 companies
Feldersatz-Btl 19(L) with 5 companies
Nachschubtruppen 19(L)


On 1 April 1944 the division reported the following:
Flame Throwers=18
2cm Flak towed=24
5cm PaK towed=15
7.5cm Pak-40 towed=9
7.5cm Pak-97/38 towed=9
Marder III/M with 7.5cmPak=14
7.62cm J.K.H. 290(r)=12
7.62cm F.K. 39(r)=12
10.5cm K29 (p)=4

Manpower on 1 June 1944 reported as approximately 9,400.

I will follow this up with another post that covers the 20. Le-Sturm-Division in Italy.

Hope this is the information you were seeking.

best regards till next post

Ron Klages
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Ron Klages
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20. Lw-Sturm-Division in Italy

Post by Ron Klages » Fri Mar 28, 2003 2:51 pm


As promised here is the data on the 20. Lw-Sturm-Division in Italy. The reference source is the same as the other post.

20. Lw-Feld-Division

Established on 8 March 1943 and the division was formed and equipped at Fallingbostel in Germany. In July 1943 the division was moved to Denmark and became a garrison force. On 1 November 1944 the division was absorbed by the Army and renamed as 20. Feld-Division(L). The division would remain in Denmark until 25 May 1944 when they began transport to Italy from north Jutland, Denmark. After being absorbed by the Army they OOB of the division was as follows:

Jaeger-Rgt. 39(L)[Radfahr] with 2 battalions and a total of 10 companies
Jaeger-Rgt. 40(L)[Radfahr] with 2 battalions and a total of 10 companies
Art.Rgt. 20(L) with 3 battalions [III. is Flak]
Granat-Werfer Komp. 20(L) with rocket launchers
PzJag-Abt. 20(L) with 1 company [no StuG III battery]
Pi-Btl. 20(L) with 3 companies
Nachr.Kp. 20(L)
Vers.-Kp. 20(L)
Sanitaets-Kp 20(L)

Departing Denmark on 25 May 1944 the division moved to Italy and on 1 June 1944 the division was located between Terracina and San Olivia. The division remained in Orvieto as a reserve unit and on 1 June 1944 they were renamed as 20.Lw-Sturm-Division. However they were soon sent south and one regiment [the 39th] was operating south of Cititavecchia while the 40th regiment was located by Bracciano. In two days of fighting the division reported heavy losses. From 8 June 1944 the division began a retreating fight moving through Caprani, Vetralla, Tuscany, Manziana and Tarquinia by Lake Bolsano west of Siena which was reached on 12 June 1944. On 14 June 1944 they battled for Grosseto and then Paganico on 19 thru 21 June 1944 suffering heavy losses in these battles. By the last week of June 1944 the division was relieved on the line although they were still on the line as of 30 June 1944. On this date they were merged with the 3.PGD as a battlegroup known as Kampfgruppe Crisolli.
In July when the 19. Lw-Sturm-Division was beinf disbanded for transport to Denmark elements of that division were absorbed by the 20th.
By July the 39th regiment was fighting in the front lines by Lucca while the bulk of the division was located between Viareggio and Le Spezia. While in this area the division was involved in fighting Italian partisans. This continued into September 1944 and on 12 September 1944 the division commander GenMj. Wilhelm Crisolli was killed by italian partisans.
In mid-September the division was ordered to the 10. Armee area to fight aganist the British 8.Army near Rimini. In this fighting the division was split up with the 39th and 40th Jaeger-Regiments fighting with the 26. PzDiv. and the rest of the division split up between the 29. and 90. PGDs. By 5 October 1944 the elements of the division still intact withdrew to Cesena. By 23 October 1944 they were in Forli and by 28 November 1944 they were in Bologna. The end was insight for the division since they could no longer operate as a unit. The order to disband came from OKW on 28 November 1944 and on paper on 8 December 1944. The surviving personnel were absorbded during November 1944 by other units in Italy so that when the official paper came through the division had long since ceased to exist.

Division commanders while in Italy were

GenMj. Wilhelm Crisolli till 12 September 1944
Oberst Kaspar Voelcker from 12 September 1944 thru November 1944. He was to be captured in November 1944 by the allies.
GenMj. Erich Fronhoefer from November 1944 to January 1945.

Units absorbed from the disbanded 19. Lw-Sturm-Division in July 1944.
Fus.-Btl 19(L) became Fus.-Btl 20(L)
Feldersatz-Btl 19(L) became Feldersatz-Btl 20(L)
PzJag-Abt. 19(L) became part of PzJag-Abt. 20(L)
Pi.-Btl 20(L) became part of Pi.-Btl 20(L)
I./Art.-Rgt. 19(L) became I./Art.-Rgt. 20(L)
Versorgs. 19(L) became part of Versorgs. 20(L)

There was no data covering equipment or manpower as was the case with the 19.Lw-Sturm-Division. They did have 7 Marder IIIs in their PzJag-Abt. 20(L).

That covers the data on the 20.Lw-Sturm-Division in Italy


Ron Klages
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