Res.Gren.Btl. 328 in the Huertgen Forest

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Res.Gren.Btl. 328 in the Huertgen Forest

Post by Doug Nash » Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:59 am

A further follow-up to Axel's previous question --

The commanding officer of Res.Gren.Btl. 328 was Oberstleutnant Friedrich Tröster, who was still having the wounds treated that he received in Russia when he took command. The men of the battalion were eventually incorporated into Inf.Rgt. 942 and became a part of the 353rd Inf.Div. When this division was pulled out to be rebuilt, its men were later transferred to the 275th Inf.Div. on about 3 October or so. Many of the battalion's survivors were captured in Dead Man's Moor (Todtenbruch) on 10 October 1944 by 1st Battalion, 60th Infantry of the 9th ID.

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