Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!)

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Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!)

Post by Michi » Mon Oct 21, 2002 1:40 pm

I've done a quick translation from German into English.
So it's not a perfect one.
I would be happy, if one of the participators could verify the names I mentioned in the following article.

Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
Formed as a mechanized infantry coy on 02nd July 1940 in the GRAZIANI-barracks in ASMARA, by a daily order by the govener of Italian Eritrea. This was also broadcasted by the radio-station in ADDIS ABEBA.

The Germans were drafted from the cargo-ships in Italian-Eritrea and Italian-Somalia and also local Germans which were in till 10th June 1940 in internment camps.

Commander: Tenente Gustav HAMEL
2nd Commander: Sottotnente Arturo RAGGI
Company First Sergeant: Maresciallo Maggiore Adolf BREMER

138 men
3 platoons: 1. & 2. platoon: each w/2 groups each w/ 1 ltMG;
________3. platoon: 3 groups each w/ 1 hyMG

uniform: olivegreen trousers with puttee/gaiters & ankle high climbing boots
olivegreen tunic made of light cloth
shirt & tie
olivegreen tropical helmet & dust protection glasses
+ swastika on the left arm
+ swastika on the front-side of the tropical helmet

Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ was part of an independent mechanized infantry battalion.
COmmander: Maggiore Clemente FERRERO
Squadron „Asmara“ (armoured car squadron w/ Fiat 611)
COmmander: Capitano CARDUCCI, later Tenente MOLINARI
uniform: olivegreen trousers with puttees/gaiters & and ankle high climbing boots
black tunic
leather helmet
Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
COmmander: Tenente Gustav HAMEL
2nd COmmander: Sottotnente Arturo RAGGI
Company First Sergeant: Maresciallo Maggiore Adolf BREMER
+ 2 italian coys (maybe Dubat coys??)

02/07/1940 – 30/09/1940: Training in the GRAZIANI-barracks in ASMARA.
11/07/1940 The German coy defiled/marched past –in passo romano- in
front of the supreme commander and governer of Italian-
Eritrea, Luigi FRUSCI.
30/09/1940 – 15/10/1940: Forming of an independent mechanized infantry battalion

01/10/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ receives as the only
coy in Italian East-Africa a pennant.
06/10/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ was sworn in by
15/10/1940 – 02/11/1940: Battalion moves to KASSALA.
03/11/1940: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ moves to the
Eventful actions followed.
Together with the Squadron „Asmara“ all Allied attacks
were repulsed.
19/01/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ and the Squadron
„Asmara“ retreat back to KASSALA ab.
The German coy has a strength of 127 men.
22/01/1941: KASSALA was evacuated.
New position of the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“
24/01/1941: After fierce fightings with ANZAC-troops the German coy
The German coy has a strength of 114 men.
25/01/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ is part of the rearguard,
which covers the retreat from the Sudan-front.
??/??/1941: The coy has very heavy losses in the actions at AGORDAT.
The German coy has a strength of 91 men.
??/??/1941 - 25/03/1941: Battle for KEREN.
Coy is westwards of KEREN;
together with the Infantry-battalion „Toselli“ and the
Black-shirt battalion „Gabriele D’Annunzio“.
The German coy has a strength of 52 men.
26/03/1941: Later on the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ together
with the Squadron „Asmara“ is stationed at the railway-
station in KEREN.
The German coy has a strength of 44 men.
Squadron „Asmara“ has 5 Fiat 611 armoured cars on
Squadron „Asmara“ covered the retreat and perished.
27/03/1941: The German coy was used to form a battle-group
commanded by Colonello Geraldo CISBIO.
Battle-group had the order, to keep the bridgehead on the
west bank of the river ANSEBA.
28/03/1941: Retreat to ASMARA.
03/04/1941: Evacuation of ASMARA.
03/04/1941 – 01/05/1941: Retreat- and rearguard actions.
The Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ arrived in AMBA
The German coy has a strength of 21 men.
02/05/1941: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ is disbanded as a coy,
but keeps ist name as honour, and is formed as a platoon
of the Compagnia Carabinieri „Amba Alagia“ (Kdt: Tenente
14/05/1941: The German „coy“ has a strength of 19 men.
16/05/1941: Last attack of an Italian unit in the area of AMBA ALAGIA.
Compagnia Carabinieri „Amba Alagia“ attacks towards
The attack get stuck just 50 Meter before.
The German „coy“ has a strength of 8 men.
18/05/1941: The Italian forces surrender in AMBA ALAGIA.
None of the Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ survives.

MfG Michi

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Jason Pipes
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Post by Jason Pipes » Mon Oct 21, 2002 1:53 pm

Thanks for posting this! I can clean up the English and try to verify some of the names for you. I'll post the info I have on it and on the Campaign in Italian East Africa ASAP and we can merge the info into a single article on the unit for the site. Rock on! 8)

Jason Petho
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Post by Jason Petho » Mon Oct 21, 2002 2:55 pm

Very interesting!! Thanks! :D

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Post by eric » Mon Oct 21, 2002 5:46 pm

This Michi guy sure knows his way!

Great work!
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Re: Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!)

Post by vincenzomeleca » Sun Jan 22, 2023 7:36 am

I immediately apologize for my bad English that I hope Google translate improves.
My name is Vincenzo and I have been interested in military history for some time, especially in Italy.I found the subject dealt with in the topic Compagnia AutoCarrata „Tedesca“ (ENGLISH version!) very interesting
I'm interested in knowing the primary source of the information, because I haven't found anything like it at the Italian Army Historical Office (USSME).
From the documentation of the Historical Office of the Italian Army, it appears that the company of German volunteers only participated in the battles of Agordat and was disbanded on 1 March 1941 and was probably unable to participate in the battles at Cheren (especially those of March 1941) and certainly not to those of Amba Alagi (April 17-May 17, 1941)
A sincere greeting to all

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