26 ID at Voncq - 9 and 10 jun 1940.

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26 ID at Voncq - 9 and 10 jun 1940.

Post by tigre » Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:58 pm

Hi to all, in short:

On 09 jun 1940 at 03:45 hs started the german offensive and two Infantry Divisions jumped off again the front of the 36 french Infantry Division; the I / 57 RI (French), deployed between Semuy and Neuville, was stormed by two German Infantry Regiments, the 39 IR ( towards the bridge over the Aisne, south of Voncq) and the 78 IR (towards south). At 05:30 hs the 1 Co 4 BCC (Armoured Bat) commanded by Cpt Dayras, was alarmed in order to carry out a counter attack towards Voncq together with the french 57 RI (Col Sinais). The French counter attack started at 09:30 hs and at 10:30 hs smashed the I / 78 IR deployed on the left flank covering the attack of the regiment (78 IR) towards south..

Later on the french armoured company reached Voncq where troops of the 57 RI (Cpt Le More) occupied a defensive position.

Likewise the 3rd Co 4 BCC (Lt Drapellier) was alarmed at 07:50 hs being sent to carry out patrols along the axis Quatre-Champs, Vandy, Terron, les Alleux. At 14:00 hs the company together with troops of the 14 RI, stormed Terrón towards Vandy, knocking down the II and III / 78 IR. As result of this engagement the German 26 ID lost 1.100 men, mainly from the 78 IR (500 of them as prisoners) and the before mentioned regiment was relieved by units of the 4 SS Polizei Division.

Source: Les chars francais a Voncq. Les 9 et 10 juni; by A. GOLAZ.

I would like to know the story from the German point of view, could someone help me. Is there any reports about this. Thanks in advance and regards. Tigre.
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Post by ericv » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:17 am

Hi Tigre, ;)

What follows are the relevant portions of the (rough) translation of the regimental attack order (39th Reg)

Regimental order for the attack

1. Enemy defending in ..einer feldmäßig .. fortified position at Canal des Ardennes with supportline (? translation of the word Rückhaltlinie required) of the Battlefield on the line Voncq-Northedge Bois de Voncq-Bois de Chesne. Probably just parts of the 36th Div in the front.


3. 26. I.D. attacks on 9th June 1940 4:45 from Semuy-Neuville-Day, conquers the heights of Voncq, crosses the Aisne and the canal south of Voncq and pushes to the line Grivy-Loisy- Hill 121 (1 km southwest of Vrizy)- hill 146 (1 km north of Vandy).


5. The following units will assemble themselves with 2 batallions each ready to attack on 9th June 1940:
to the right 39th Reg
to the left 78th Reg
Borders of the 39th Reg:
to the right (10 Div):
Eastern edge Jonval- Eastern edge L'Anerie-Point 186-Croix Ryfflad-Southern Edge Bois de la Plaine-Western edge Semuy- Canal at point 86-point 113- western edge Coegny- northwestern edge Chardeny
to the left (78th Reg):
Point 177-Point 168- bridge southwest of Day-Me de la Tortue-Point 157- Eastern edge Voncq- Aisne up to Condé
Border between the 2 assault btls:
Roadfork 300 mtrs to the south of La Commodité Ferme-western edge of Bois du Vivier-Canal South of Ferme de Varaux- western edge of Brouille- western edge of Voncq-Aisnebridge and Canalbridge south of Voncq-point 116- Southeastern edge of Loisy- Bridge at point 102
primary target: Voncq and the bridges to the southwest, after that the land south of Grivy-Loisy

6. 3rd Btl places itself at commanders disposal near the creek to the north of Day.

7. 13./39 takes positions in such a manner that positions that can't be seen or targetted by the artillery, can be targetted. Both assault batallions will get direct command of a light platoon, the 2 remaining platoons remain at the command of 13./39. No shooting of any kind is allowed before the attack begins. One squad of the regimental signals platoon will be used for artillery spotting.

8. 14./39 will position itself to the south of Day in such a way that the guns can cross the the Canal right after the first wave of infantry has crossed it. In order for this to go smoothly parts of the company will, if possible, be moved to the canal during darkness.

9. Artillery ArtReg 26 and I./AR 62 will assist the regiment. They will target wooded areas north of Voncq, Voncq itself and the hills east of Voncq. AR 26 will be requested to send as many VB and AV-Kdos to the attacking batallions as possible. The ArmyCorps Artillery will combat enemy artillery. From 4:35 until 4:55 Heavy mortar fire will be placed on La Brouille. From 5:15 until 5:25 heavy mortar fire will be placed on Voncq.

10. Engineers
a. 2./Pi 26 will secure the ferrying of the assault batallions and the heavy regimental weapons across the river, after which it will build a 8-ton bridge. All ..FLoßsäcken.. will be ready to go in the water at 4:45.
b. Assault squad 2./Pi 26 with flamethrowers will be used with I./39 to combat defenses at Semuy and to eliminate any flanking threat from this place.
c One platoon 3./Pi 26 will assist I./39 to conquer the bridges to the southwest of Voncq, after which it will be drawn out.

11. Air support has been requested. Batallions themselves are responsible for airdefense. Use of the Hakenkreuzfahne after crossing the Aisne is important.

12. reconaissance
All means must be used to get as clear a picture as possible about the enemy. Changes are to be reported as soon as possible. reconaissance must be used to determine if the enemy is retreating, if so the assault batallions will pursue as fast as possible to secure a bridgehead in the line Coegny-Hill 122 (1,5 km northwest of Vrizy)

13 conduct of operations
The assembly of the assault forces for the attack must be done as quiet as possible and without the use of lights. Under the cover of the barrage of the heavy weapons, as many parts as possible of the assault batallions must cross the river. The main aim are the hills of Voncq and the Aisnebridges. Places, forests, defended bases must be left alone. The assault with the emphasis on the right flank must be kept going. In order to accomplish this all chances of breaking into the depth of the enemy battlefield(Hauptkampffeld) must be taken and exploited to the maximum, even when the neighboring units fall back. The heavy weapons, notably the PAK must be kept in front as much as possible, ready to be used by the batallion or company commander. counterattacks, some with tanks, can happen at any time.
Specially : I./39 pushes for the bridges to the south of Voncq in one push, screening Semuy.
II./39 attacks the forests to the north of Voncq and Voncq itself frontally with no regard to the unit to its left, that is pushing to hill 154 to the east of Voncq.
After taking Voncq and the bridges, the crossing of the Aisne and the Canal will take place as soon as possible, followed by an assault in a southwestern direction.

14. Vehicles All vehicles that aren't used for the assembly or the munitioning are to be left behind. All combatvehicles will assemble in the area of the II./39 and will remain there under the command of Hptmn Bohlmann. They will remain there until needed.



17.Regimental command post as of June 6th 12:00 on the former command post of IR 41 in the forest 600m to the east of Ferme du Bois de Suzanne. Former command post remains manned by an officer.

Signed von Viebahn

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Post by ericv » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:18 am

well. that was the plan (barring all typos and mistranslations). The following post will detail the execution of it.

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Regimental order for the attack.

Post by tigre » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:22 am

Thank you very much ericv for tha info, great stuff :D ; I'm waiting the following post. Cheers. Raúl M 8)
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Post by ericv » Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:15 pm

Battlereport of the actual assault on 9th June 1940

1. Assembly (Bereitstellung as the germans call it)

The assembly succeeded without the enemy noticing. The enemy Artillery fire wasn't stronger then the nights before. This fire was mainly concentrated in the forests north of the Ardennes-canal and the creekbed west of Day. Losses were minimal up until the beginning of the assault. 13. Kompanie was ready to attack at 2:30.

2. The actual assault.

4:45 . With the fire of the artillery and the 13./39 on enemy positions south of the Ardennes-canal in support, I./39 to the right and II./39 to the left storm the slope to the Canal out of the assembly area without being fired upon in any meaningful way. Because of their own artilleryfire and the fire of a nearby Nebel-Abteilung stationed to the east of Neuville and Day, the enitre area of the Canal and the area south of it fills with smoke, making it impossible to spot the working of the artillery and support the attacking infantry in any way.

Because 2/Pi 26 has put ..Floßsäcken.. at just 2 ferrying points each batallion will be forced to use just one crossing point. Despite of this 2nd and 3rd company can cross the Canal East of Semuy quick, (amongst these troops is the the regimental engineer platoon) and subsequently infiltrate the enemy frontline. While 3rd Comp (Lt Theis) stays close together and makes its way south to the east of the Aisne towards the bridges of Voncq, 2nd company's attack falls apart after Oblt Weber the company commander was killed during the crossing of the canal. Because of this, the goal, the hill to the north of Voncq, is only reached by small parts of the company.

Despite of this CC (forward command post) of the I./39 is moved to this hill. 1st company crosses the Canal in Semuy to the right of 3rd company's crossing while being supported by one PAK. Its order is to clear the village (Semuy). The subordinated flamethrowing assault squad of 2./Pi 26 can't be used because their flamethrowers (apparently) dont work anymore.

To the left (II./39) 5th and 6th company's crossing at Mühle de la Tortue is also swift under the cover of smoke. After the crossing 5th company storms through the forest to the south of the canal, comes under heavy artillery fire and is pinned down. 6th company loses its bearing after the crossing in the thick smoke and assaults to the southeast with most of its forces.


To the west of Voncq, 3rd company goes ahead., takes the Aisne bridges (Stoßtrupp Feldwebel Najock) and crosses the Aisne. 2nd Company is being pinned down by enemy infantry fire.
Most parts of the company are still scattered about, making it impossible to go forward and make contact with 3rd company. Batallion HQ tries to make contact with these and other groups as much as possible building up a reserve force.

By this time the thick smoke has all but vanished and gives the enemy artillery a clear view of the attacking force. Enemy forces that were initially bypassed make their presence felt by seriously interrupting communciations.

1st company in the meantime is engaged in heavy combat over the the south part of Semuy, which appears to have ended with the assault on the church at 6:30.
Lt Volz subsequently races to the 3rd companies positions with parts of 1st company and the delegated heavy weapons. Connection is made to 3rd company on the hill to the south of Voncq.
1st company's commander (Probably Hptmn d.R Baur) remains in Semuy with the rest of his companyfor the time being. Remaining hidden enemy forces in Semuy however take up the fight again, resulting in bitter and time consuming battles, preventing this part of 1st company to hook up with 3rd company.

5th Company reaches Voncq with some of its forces, fighting nonstop, destroying some enemy positions in Voncq and capturing 31 prisoners. Further advance is made impossible due to heavy enemy fire resulting in casualties. The other part of the company proceeds to the north of La Brouille forest, out of which comes such heavy fire out of camouflaged positions that this part is forced to dig in.

6th Company captures 27 prisoners, 2 MG's and 1 Machinenkanon(?!), a heavy enemy counterattack however forces it back and scatters its forces somewhat. One of the scattered platoons forces its way through Voncq ( .. mit großen Schneid..! ) and reaches the safety of the Aisnebridge.

7th company which has crossed the Canal by now reaches the east part of Voncq at 6:15 and captures some strongholds.

II./39 HQ crosses the Canal at 6:50 under grenadefire and proceeds to the east part of Voncq followed by a PAK-platoon.

Next part will start at 07:00



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Assault on 9th June 1940.

Post by tigre » Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:26 pm

Thank you very much ericv, nice and interesting reading :up: . Cheers. Raúl M 8)
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Post by ericv » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:34 pm


3rd Company with the arrived 4th company has reached the area before the Aisne-Canal Bridge to the south of Voncq. Some houses which have been transformed to strongpoints by the enemy are blocking the way further to the bridge. This is where Oblt Steudel and Lt Volz wer mortally wounded. Despite efforts to take this bridge, the enemy blows it up at 07:10. Because of this 3rd company turns away and crosses the river 300 m to the south, the enemy fire out of the previously mentioned houses is so strong however that any further advances can't be made until these strongpoints have been taken care of.

The scattered 6th company platoon, accidentally now in front of 7th company, that went through Voncq has stormed the bridge it reached while the following 7th company proceeds to the Aisne.
III/39 in the meantime assembles in another area to the northeast of Semuy as ordered by the regiment. Reg CC has been here since 6:00.
Communications between Reg and assaulting batallions are down. The officer (ltnt von Cramer) tasked with this has gone missing.


Leutnant Theis decides to attack the strongpoints at the destroyed bridge with a ..stoßtrupp... It succeeds at 08:15 to capture these houses and to make a number of prisoners as a result of which, 3rd company back has been freed. Theis decides to go immediatly ahead with the assault to the south.

7th company has by now (08:15) reached the Aisne under heavy enemy MG and mortarfire. It takes part in the battle for the crossing during which Ltnt Vieweg and a ..stoßtrupp... take one officer and 18 man prisoner. Following this the company joins 3rd company's attack to the south..


Parts of I and II./39 are proceeding south without much enemy resistance, despite the lack of progress of both 78th IR and 10th ID, meaning that their flanks are exposed. At 10:30 the day's target at Crivy-Loisy is reached by the 3rd and 4th company that take up defensive positions here.
Btn HQ II./39 has succeeded, without knowing anything at all about its or I./39 companies, in reaching Fontenille Ferme at 10:30 across both the canal, Voncq and the Aisne. Its 7th company has by this time reached the roadcrossing Voncq-Coegny-Roche-Vrizy right behind 3rd company. Parts of 1st company remain between the canal and the Aisne.

Finally at 11:00 a regimental HQ ..stoßtrupp.. under Ltnt Römer establishes physical communication with the forward batallions. Firts reports about this however don't reach Reg HQ until the afternoon. Until then, the regiment doesn;t know anything at all about what's happening.(!!)
Enemy resistance at the Canal and the forests in the mean time remains stiff, especially at the initial crossing points and the site where the bridge is supposed to be built. Despite the employment of an Infanteriegeschütz, smaller ..stoßtrupps.. that are deployed at these points suffer casualties and their objectives aren;t reached.
In order to make it possible to build a bridge to finally get all the heavy weapons across, 9th company and 1 platoon/12th company are ordered to cross the canal, create a bridgehead and clear the wooded area south of this.

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Post by ericv » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:31 pm


7th company proceeds along the road Roche-Vrizy to the Southeast and reaches the southeastern corner of the forest 1 km south of the canalbridge without much enemy resistance.

Because the continuation of the assault needs the destruction of the enemy forces between the Ardennes-canal and Voncq the rest of the III./39 is ordered to clear the area.

10th company is ordered to go to Semuy and assist the rest of 1st company to finally clear the village. The ensuing battles are made more difficult because enemy mg-positions cover the village from the hills at Rilly. Despite this an enemy batallion commander, 2 officers and 58 men are captured.

At 11:45 11th company crosses the canal with orders to clear the area between Semuy and Voncq and surrounding forests to the east while remaining in touch with 10th company.

12:00 Heavy enemy artilleryfire is concentrated on Semuy-Nord.
7th Company proceeds moving southeast and reaches hill 112 at 12:45 ,where it takes defensive positions.
Kdr II./39 sends Btl-Adjutant Ltnt Hammelmann to reach RegHQ, Hammelmann however gets fatally wounded during this trip and dies shortly after this.
9th Company succeeds in clearing the area of the bridgebuilding site at the Canal and makes a substantial number of prisoners, after which it goes against the enemy groups in the hedges and forests. At around 14:00 the area is finally secure enough for 2./Pi 26 to start building the bridge which was originally planned to start building at 06:00.
11th company is slowly making progress towars Voncq, heavily hindered by nature (wooded swamps)

Heavy enemy artilleryfire is still placed on North-Semuy, Fontenille Ferme and the Aisne-Canal crossing.
7th Company has disbanded her positions at Hill 112 at batallions orders and made connection with 3rd company on the hills north of Grivy-Loisy. Enemy forces have been observed in Grivy-Loisy and east of that. 3rd and 7th companies positions are by now threatened.

10th company after clearing Semuy proceeds easts and takes a large number of stragglers from I./ and II./ 39.
11th company receives heav infantryfire from the hills north of Voncq and digs in. Scattered parts of I./ and II./ 39 also join this company.
2 Light IG an PAK platoons have by now crossed the canal across the bridge made by Pi 26, RegHQ is at this position from 16:00.

The enemy threat, both frontally and from the southeast against 3rd and 7th company to the norht of Grivy-Loisy grows greater as large numbers of enemy troops assemble for attack. The enemy still in Voncq doesn't allow for reinforcements to get to this position.
The flanks are also still unprotected due to the failure of 10th ID and 78th IR.
Hptmn Baur (chef 7th comp.) and Ltnt Theis (fhr 3rd Comp) in light of these facts make the decision to abandon the hills and retreat to the Aisne Canal. Under continuing enemy fire their companies go back to Voncq train station and the group of houses at the canal and bild a bridgehead there.
Btn-CC has to be moved to the locks of the aisne-canal.

The clearing of the area between ardennes-Canal and Voncq proceeds slowlier than expected. The enemy resistance is so tough that Regimental strength alone isn;t enough, whereupon division decides to put IR 77 into action.

Regiment is being reorganized. The evening and the night have to be used to order the units. Without this a continuation of the assault is out of the question.

Losses this day


Dead 2

NCO's & Men

Dead 68
WIA 183
MIA 40

That concluded 9th June;s assault on Voncq.

Hope it helps u Tigre :)

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Assault on 9th June 1940.

Post by tigre » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:18 am

Sure ericv, it was helpful; thank you very much. Cheers. Raúl M 8) .
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Post by ericv » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:51 am

As you probably already knew, and as mentioned in the translation, 10th Infantry Division was stationed to the right of 39th IR.
Next post will cover its assault One look at the map reveals that it faced the more difficult double crossing of 2 waterways parallel to one another.

lets see how it fared.


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Post by ericv » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:14 am

Let's start with an always interesting summary of the commanders on 10-5-1940. Most of them still had their commands at 9th of June. If the book details any losses up to this date, i will mention them in the next post.

DivKdr: Genlt von Cochenhausen
Ia : Hptmn i.G. Woite
Ib : Hptmn i.G Refior
IIa : Major Sperling
Ord Ofz : Hptmn Schönaich and Hptmn Haake
III : Kriegsgerichtsrat Tütting
IVa : Int.Rat Dr. Klesse
IVb : Oberfeldarzt Dr. Lamprecht
IVb Adj : Stabsarzt Dr. Bruckner
IVc : Oberstabsveterinär Dr. Brügge
IVc Adj : Oberveterinär Dr. Schumacher
IVd (catholic) : Werhmachtpfarrer Lang
IVd (protestant) : Wehrmachtpfarrer Seidel
Waffen und Gerät : Hptmn Hofrichter
Kartenstelle : Fw Lehrmann
Feldgend. Trupp : Hptmn Cox
Stabskdt. : Hptmn Pröll
Verpflegungstroß : Oblt Beyschlag
Registratur : Obersekretär Pühler

IR 20.
Kdr : Oberst August Schmidt
Adj : Oblt Hegerl
Reg.Arzt : Oberstabsarzt Dr Brandl
13. (IG) : Oblt Haderecker (?)
14. (PAK) : Oblt Häring
I./20 : Hptmn Steidl
Adj : Lt Froschmann
1. : Hptmn Langesee
2. : Lt Gessner
3. : Oblt Habbel
4. : Hptmn Neumann-Henneberg
II./20 : Major Schmoeger
Adj : Lt Kleffel
5. : Oblt Treffer
6. : Hptmn Mick
7. : Oblt von Werden
8. : Oblt Schenck
III./20 : Major Schäfer
Adj : Lt Roth
9. : Lt Meixlsperger
10. : ?
11. : Lt Brands (?)
12. : Oblt Schmidt

IR 41.
Kdr : Oberst Adolph-Auffenberg-Komarow
Adj : Oblt Lang
13. (IG) : Oblt Schimmel
14. (PAK) : Oblt Ehrt
I./41 : Major Rohrbacher
Adj : Lt Koch
1. : Lt Lang (?)
2. : Hptmn Rutz
3. : Oblt Liebl
4. : Oblt Teichmann
II./41 : Hptmn Hummel
Adj : Lt Freiherr von Berchem
5. : Lt Steinbügl (?)
6. : Oblt Stetter
7. : Oblt Kurzendorfer
8. : Oblt Mayrhofer
III./41 : Hptmn Esch
Adj : ObLt Maier
9. : Lt Bottler (?)
10. : Oblt Wittmann
11. : Oblt Kast
12. : Lt Mertens (?)

IR 85.
Kdr : Oberst Krakau
Adj : Hptmn Kugler
13. (IG) : Oblt Seyboth
14. (PAK) : Hptmn Deglmann
I./85 : Hptmn Rohrbacher (?)
Adj : ?
1. : Oblt Reinheimer
2. : Lt Kallien
3. : Lt Köberlin or Lt Arnoldi
4. : Hptmn Gnaden
II./85 : Major Dr. Treeck
Adj : Lt Angerer
5. : Lt Semmer
6. : Oblt Müller
7. : Oblt Bleyer
8. : Hptmn Schneider
III./85 : Hptmn Wenner
Adj : Lt Stors
9. : Lt Köberlin
10. : Oblt Stuis
11. : Oblt Fett
12. : Lt Ehrhardt

AR 10.
Kdr : Obstlt Herold
Adj : Oblt Rall
I./10 : Obstlt Scheffler
Adj : Lt Christmann
1. : Oblt Amann
2. : Oblt Hiddemann
3. : Hptmn Musil
II./10 : Hptmn Freiherr von Hoiningen genannt Heune
Adj : Lt Pau
4. : Oblt Schrepfler
5. : Oblt Vogt
6. : Oblt Thomas
III./10 : Major Ebner von Eschenbach
Adj : Oblt Hagen
7. : Hptm Dr Feiler
8. : Oblt Oskar Freiherr von Perfall
9. : Oblt Dr. Burkhardt
I./46 : Oberst Reisner
Adj : ?
1. : Oblt Domke
2. : ?
3. : ?

AA 10.
Kdr : Major Blaha
Adj : Lt Möckel
1. (Reiter) Schwadron : Oblt Hagelin
2. (Radfahr) Schwadron : Oblt Freiherr von der Borch
PzSpäh-Zug : Lt Hansen

PzAbwehrAbt 10
Kdr : Obstlt Schmid
Adj : Oblt Westermeier
1. : Oblt Schädlich
2. : Hptmn Kopp
3. (Flak) : Hptmn Reichert

PioBtl 10
Kdr : Obstlt Behrisch
Adj : Lt von Bally
1. : Lt Friedrichs (?)
2. : Oblt Höhne
3.(mot) : Hptmn Schwarz
leichte. Pi Kolonne : Oblt Riepl

NachrAbt 10 (teils mot.)
Kdr : Major Pies
Adj : Lt von Winning
1. (Fernsprech) : Hptmn Logsch
2. (Funk) : Oblt Preissler
leichte Nachr Kolonne : Oblt Geißelbrecht

Divisionsarzt (= IVb) : Lamprecht
1. San.Komp : Stabsarzt Dr Calwer
2. San.Komp : Oberstabsarzt Dr Kastner
Feldlazarett : Oberstabsarzt Dr Schütz
KrankenKw.Züge : Oblt Engel

Kdr : Major Dr.Reichert
Adj : Oblt Schönleben
1. Kl.Kw.Kol : Lt Kneitz
2. Kl.Kw.Kol : Lt Müller
3. Kl.Kw.Kol : Lt Winter
4. Fahrkol. : Oblt Mesloh
5. Fahrkol. : Oblt Seebohm
6. Fahrkol : Lt Schlesinger
7. Kl.Kw.Kol (Betriebsstoff) : Hptm Fellmann
Nachschub-Kompanie : Hptmn Schiller
Werkstatt-Kompanie : Hptmn Kummer

Verplfegungsamt : Oberzahlmeister Mühl
Bäckerei-Kompanie : Hptmn Barth
Schlächterei-Zug : Oberstabsveterinär Dr. Weiss
Veterinär-Kompanie Oberstabsveterinär Dr von Schwanenflug
Ordnungsdienste : Oblt Cox
Feldpost : Feldpostmeister Heyder

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Re: 26 ID at Voncq - 9 and 10 jun 1940.

Post by tigre » Fri Jul 08, 2022 7:37 am

Hello to all :D; bumping up with a complement...................

Sector of Semuy - Voncq 1940.

Source: http://www.ardennes1940aceuxquiontresis ... ge_id=2383

Cheers. Raúl M 8).
Attacks of the 4th BCL.....................................
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Re: 26 ID at Voncq - 9 and 10 jun 1940.

Post by tigre » Fri Aug 05, 2022 11:32 am

Hello to all :D; a little more.................

Sector of Semuy - Voncq 1940.

Source: http://www.ardennes1940aceuxquiontresis ... ge_id=2383

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
Actions on June 09 and 10, 1940..............................................
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