The World Wars Today is back online

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The World Wars Today is back online

Post by Worldwarstoday » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:13 pm

Time for an update here.

When I launched my website last year I was completely new to the whole thing and made a mess of it. But after some serious reading up on "running websites for dummies" I can announce The World Wars Today is finally back online again since the beginning of the month and already I've posted 50 new articles.

Please take a look. Some of the highlights include:

The last survivor of Adolf Hitler's bunker - a rare interview with Rochus Misch ... unker.html

A review of the National Army Museum in London with photographs ... useum.html

Reinhard Heydrich - his assassination, funeral procession and grave location at the Invalidenfriedhof in Berlin ... grave.html

Football, fascism and England's Nazi salute - how the European dictators used the beautiful game for their own ends ... -nazi.html

Wine with pictures of Hitler and Mussolini on the label are available for sale today in Italian shops ... i-and.html

Commando comics - action and adventure war stories, a review of Britain's favourite war comic ... nture.html

Is criticising Chamberlain unfair? Historians discuss whether history has been unfair to the man who appeased Hitler ... rlain.html

There's plenty more on the site with regular updates. So I hope you will it interesting. :D

Kind regards,

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Re: The World Wars Today is back online

Post by fridgeman » Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:36 am

Interesting page, will have a look from time to time.

Especially the football connection was completely new to me, thanks for posting!

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