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by derGespenst
Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:20 pm
Forum: Weapons and Equipment
Topic: Fuel type
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"Diesel engines work operate far easier at low temperatures"?? Where did you ever get that notion? Have you ever tried to start a diesel when it's cold? Not an easy task - in fact, you kind of belie your own statement when you give the example of listening to the T34s warm up - a very necessary proc...
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:14 pm
Forum: Luftwaffe
Topic: Difference in formations?
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Given that Winkel means angle, I would picture the Schwarmwinkel to be an echelon formation -- but what do I know about aircraft formations?
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:11 pm
Forum: Translation Requests
Topic: Gefolgschaftsmitglied
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Herr Shipjump is allowing a bit of a jaundiced view into his translation. For your purposes, Revellations, group member should suffice.
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:08 pm
Forum: Uniforms and Awards
Topic: Why so many uniforms and insignia's?
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Not just Nazi Germany, but Germany in general. From the late 19th century to the prsent day, Germany has always had lots of uniforms and insignia. The military has always been considered an honorable profession and served as the model for many non-military organizations.
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:04 pm
Forum: General WWII German Military Discussion
Topic: Panzerlied
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None of the above - early.
by derGespenst
Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:33 pm
Forum: Books and Reviews
Topic: Reading " Inside the Third Reich "
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Spandau is located in what was the British zone of Berlin.
by derGespenst
Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:13 pm
Forum: SS/Waffen-SS
Topic: KIA SS family member - sharing information from WASt
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Zipfel, I note the concentration on your grandfather's last days. Very understandable, but perhaps a bit short-sighted. According to your first post, he served with SS-Polizei Division for at least three quarters of 1942. That means he was in the lines around Leningrad, where he probably experienced...
by derGespenst
Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:24 pm
Forum: Foreign Volunteers, Collaboration and Axis Allies
Topic: Nero Caesar, the Great Fire of Rome, and the Bombing of Rome
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Rome was bombed by AMERICANS, surely the most historically ignorant people in the western world. I'd say coincidence.
by derGespenst
Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:21 pm
Forum: Commanders, Personalities & Award Holders
Topic: Remi Schrijnen????
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I second that. He was generous to me with his time and a real Gentleman.
by derGespenst
Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:19 pm
Forum: World War I
Topic: Hilfskreuzer SMS Seeadler
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She carried 2 - 10.5 cm guns and 2 MGs, no torpedoes. There were some (don't remember how many) Norwegian-speakers aboard, since their cover was masquerading as a Norwegian lumber carrier.
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:33 am
Forum: Soldatenheim
Topic: Aerial video of Berlin...
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Most DVD players on the market today will handle both formats. But Phylo is right, it should play on your PC.
by derGespenst
Fri Jun 15, 2007 12:51 pm
Forum: Translation Requests
Topic: "In Ein!"
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It doesn't. Perhaps what you heard was "Hinein" which means "come in", but that has nothing to do with opening fire.
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:58 pm
Forum: Translation Requests
Topic: Zigarrenempfang
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Damit meinst du doch "zusammen Schießen", oder?
by derGespenst
Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:51 pm
Forum: Photographs
Topic: unit-patch
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I can't make out the badge on the hat - too fuzzy - but the arm patch looks similar to the Reichs Arbeits Dienst - the labor corps. Maybe someone else can be more specific.
by derGespenst
Fri Jun 01, 2007 11:30 am
Forum: Foreign Volunteers, Collaboration and Axis Allies
Topic: Why did the Italians fight so poorly?
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So I guess George Washington and Frederick the Great were poor fighters because they were Freemasons, too? Don't you realize that such language undermines everything else you post after it?